8 Kid-Friendly Jokes to Spark Giggles on World Laughter Day

kid-friendly jokes

World Laughter Day is celebrated on May 7! But honestly, any day is a good excuse to have fun and be silly with your kiddos. Sometimes as parents, we get so caught up in the bustle of our daily routines that we forget the importance of joking and laughter. Kid-friendly jokes are a great way to bring joy into your home—without teaching any mean-spiriting pranks. 

Being silly with your children is a great way to make memories and carry on family traditions. Plus, is there anything better than the sound of your child’s laughter? 


Harmless kid-friendly jokes for families 

1. Bedroom Switcheroo

Once your child falls asleep, make some big changes in their room. Put a different color blanket on their bed. Hang up new posters. Fill the room with balloons. 

Anything to make them think twice when they open their eyes in the morning! 


bedroom switch prank


2. Breakfast Bananza 

Place a bowl full of cereal, milk, and a spoon in the freezer overnight. Set it on the table right before your child sits down for breakfast. 

When they try to take their first bite, they’ll be shocked to find everything frozen together! 


breakfast prank for kids


3. Brown-Es

Tell the whole family that you’ve made a pan of brownies. Let your kiddo remove the foil on top… only to discover a tray full of literal brown paper Es! 

(It wouldn’t hurt to have a real stash of brownies somewhere to sweeten this prank.) 


brownie prank for kids


4. Wiggin’ Out 

Buy a crazy wig and put it on before you pick your kids up from school, daycare, or even just before you walk into a room. 

Act like your new hairdo is completely normal and nothing has changed. 


wig prank for kids


5. Eyes on the Prize 

Put googly eyes on everything! Glue silly eyes on their toothbrush. The tablet. A banana. 

Anything that will catch your children off guard and make them laugh. Kid-friendly jokes like this one are safe and fun for the whole family! 


googly eye prank for kids


6. Beetle-Juice

Buy plastic insects and freeze them into big ice cubes. Put them in with your child’s cup of water, milk, or juice… and wait for them to discover a giant beetle inside! 

Note: make sure to monitor this activity for swallowing hazards with young children. 


bug prank for kids


7. Potty Humor 

For kids who are potty trained, you can leave funny messages on the toilet paper. Unroll the toilet paper and draw silly faces or emojis for little ones who can’t read. 

For older children, you can write silly messages like Pee-ew! or Don’t forget to wash your hands! Don’t forget to roll the messages back up so that it’s a surprise for the next bathroom guest. This kid-friendly joke will be sure to evoke giggles from behind the bathroom door. 


toilet paper prank for kids


8. Was That You?

Speaking of potty humor… you can never go wrong with the classic whoopee cushion! Place the whoopee cushion on your child’s highchair, car seat, or under any family member’s cushion at mealtimes and let it rip! 

This potty joke never gets old! 


fart prank for kids


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