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Laugh (and Learn!) with the Lucas & Me Puppet Videos for Kids

puppet videos for kids

What does it take for a child to thrive in today’s world? The Lucas & Me puppet videos for kids illustrates key lessons in friendships, responsibility, and dealing with real-life situations.

The blend of 2D animation with live puppets makes for a show that is exciting and pleasing for both children and their grown-ups! In addition, the two characters model positive behaviors and attitudes to children that songs and games can’t always fulfill.


Lucas & Me puppet videos for kids

Episode 1: Paperdog


Comprehension questions for kids

  • What kind of dog does Lucas want to be? (A good dog!)
  • What does Mouse coach Lucas to do? (Fetch the newspaper.)
  • Does Lucas work hard to be a good dog? (Yes, he does!)
  • When was a time that you worked really hard to do something? (Learning to tie my shoes, learning the ABCs, etc.)


Episode 2: The Good. The Bad. The Cheese. 


Comprehension questions for kids

  • What does Mouse ask Lucas to do? (Guard his special cheese.)
  • What does Lucas do with Mouse’s cheese? (He eats it!) 
  • Why do you think that Lucas says that a mailman ate Mouse’s cheese? (He didn’t want Mouse to be angry with him.)
  • When is a time that you said, “sorry.” How did it make you feel? (I had to say sorry to my brother when I took his toy without asking.)


Episode 3: Thunderstruck


Comprehension questions for kids

  • Why is Lucas afraid at the beginning of the story? (He is afraid of the loud thunder.)
  • Why is Mouse afraid at the end of the story? (Because Lucas is snoring and making loud noises.)
  • What do you do when you are afraid? (I take a deep breath.)


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