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Lingokids Introduces Brand New Puppet Series for Kids: Lucas & Me

Lucas & Me Puppet series

There is a lot for children to learn in today’s ever-changing world. But when learning is fun, children love to learn! Introducing Lucas & Me, a puppet series for kids that blends playful situations with school subjects, social-emotional learning, and practical life skills to help prepare children for the modern world.



Educational benefits of Lucas & Me

There’s a lot going on with this whole growing-up thing! From the ABCs to sharing toys, it can be a bit tough for kids to absorb it all.

By watching Lucas and Mouse, the puppet series’ main characters, interact with each other, children can gain important lessons about responsibility, relationships, routines, and the fundamentals of growing up—all while having fun!

From facing fears to learning about forgiveness, Lucas & Me supports children’s development by integrating educational lessons with delightful experiences and loveable characters.


Social-Emotional benefits of Lucas & Me

Childhood anxiety is a growing problem. According to a 2022 study by The Insights Family, 36% of children ages 6-8 in the United States report feeling anxious sometimes. In a classroom of 20 students, that’s over seven students experiencing notable anxiety. Although feeling worried is part of being human, it can be difficult and overwhelming for young people to navigate those complex emotions on their own. In the US, parents are most concerned about children’s mental health. 

The Lucas & Me puppet series takes these concerns into account by portraying common situations kids experience (making mistakes, feeling scared, dealing with self-doubt) and reinforcing them with positive solutions.


Meet the puppets


Lucas puppet series for kids


Lucas is a happy-go-lucky puppy who lives life to the fullest! His routine revolves around food, fun, toys… and more fun! 

Although it may seem like he gets himself into a lot of trouble (like devouring stinky socks, for example), he is also an inquisitive learner who is open to the lessons that life (and Mouse) have to offer. Lucas is a silly, empathetic jokester who sees the world as a fun adventure worth exploring.  



Mouse puppet series for kids


Mouse, our casually cool narrator, embodies wisdom and style. His suave vibes balance out Lucas’s energetic antics. When Mouse isn’t coaching Lucas through tricky challenges, he can be found taste-testing the finest cheeses or enjoying smooth jazz. 

Mouse does his best to stay patient while imparting his vast knowledge on the world, though he also has valuable lessons to learn about flexibility and being humble.


Watch the Lucas & Me puppet series now available on the Lingokids app

Ready to watch the first episode of Lucas & Me and discover the benefits with your child? Download the Lingokids app and stay tuned for more content on our YouTube channels

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Talent & Contributors
The scripts for the series were co-written by Guillermo García Carsí and Baboon Animation, the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated animation studio.

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