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From Unicorns and Self-Care to Freestyle and Instruments!

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February at Lingokids was bursting with color and fun! This month sparked one-of-a-kind Playlearning adventures, from traveling the world on Cowy’s unicorn to creating topical beats! 


New series, songs, and games in the Lingokids app

Introducing the Lucas & Me puppet series


Our brand new puppet series for kids, Lucas & Me, blends playful situations with school subjects, social-emotional learning, and practical life skills to help prepare children for the modern world.


Colorful unicorn adventure 

The “My Unicorn” song teaches children about colors and geography. Children can sing along to this calming tune with Cowy and embark on a journey around the world to discover amazing sights!



It’s rhyme time

Rhyming is fun for everyone, or at least Cowy thinks so! This upbeat song teaches kids about rhyming words and rhythm. It’s a great song for learning new vocabulary words while dancing to the beat. 



Tropical vacation beats

Can you feel the rhythm? The “Music Maker: Tropical” game teaches children about freestyle, tempo, rhythm, and musical instruments.

While Playlearning™, kids can also strengthen their fine motor skills, creativity, and listening abilities! How does it work? Kids listen to musical sequences and then repeat the tune. Once they’re comfortable, they can even produce their own song!


music maker activity for kids


Self-care on the playground

In this “Tiny Tales” game, Lisa the Cat brings all her sass and determination to the playground! Kids can strengthen literacy skills by ordering the cards in the correct sequence and can learn about self-care, sight words, and the importance of exercise. 


tiny tales lisa


Playlearning with Lingokids

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