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How to Encourage New Hobbies for Kids

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Everyone needs hobbies—especially kids! Hobbies help keep children occupied and engaged, but they can also help them grow as individuals and improve their social and creative skills. 

What’s more, introducing new hobbies can also spark lifelong passions or even future careers. These activities can allow children to express themselves, build self-esteem, learn patience, and even solve problems.

And let’s not forget: hobbies can be a lot of fun!


What hobbies are popular with children?

Arts and crafts

Activities like drawing, painting, scrapbooking, or crocheting fuel kids’ imagination.

child knitting hobby



Organizing things like stamps, rocks, sea shells, coins, etc. builds kids’ cognitive skills.

collecting shells hobby


Nature and science

Activities like gardening, birdwatching, or stargazing combine learning with fun.

gardening hobby for kids



Dancing, playing an instrument, or doing sports empowers children to express themselves.

music hobby for kids


4 ways to help your child find a hobby 

One of the simplest ways to foster new hobbies for kids is to set an example. Let them hang out with you as you pursue your own passions! After all, children with hobbies often start by following in the footsteps of the grownups around them. 


1. Ask your child about the things that make them feel good about themselves. 

  • Do they like being with other kids?
  • Are they happiest when playing games?


2. Give kids the freedom to explore and express their passions.

  • Sometimes your child might need to try out a few different activities until they find one they really enjoy.


3. Introduce them to new things on a regular basis.

  • Visit kids’ museums and family-friendly events in your neighborhood.
  • Listen to platforms like the Lingokids Growin’ Up podcast.


4. Navigate when it’s time to let your child move on to a new interest. 

  • Not all hobbies are meant to last forever! 


Be available to guide, support, and encourage your child. Hobbies can be an opportunity to teach strong work ethics—like setting goals, planning, and time management.

You can demonstrate the importance of committing to a new hobby. It takes about 21 days to create a new habit; perhaps your family can try a new hobby together. 


Hobbies for Kids and Lingokids


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