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How to Navigate Screen Time + Prevent Kids from Becoming “Screen Zombies”

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Let’s face it, screens are here to stay. But in today’s digital age, screen time has become a pressing concern for parents and caregivers. Screens’ impact on children’s development has sparked discussions and worries alike. 

To help parents navigate this complex terrain and ensure that their children’s screen time is both enriching and balanced, Lingokids undertook a comprehensive study. 



The Lingokids Youth Screen Time Study

In response to growing concerns about children’s screen time habits, Lingokids conducted an extensive study focusing on children aged 2-8. This study brought to light essential data on screen time patterns while enlisting guidance from leading experts in education, pediatrics, child psychology, and parenting. 

The aim? To aid caregivers in steering their children away from becoming “Screen Zombies” and towards a screen time experience that is safe, productive, and educational.

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Navigating screen time exposure

The study uncovered that 55% of children aged 2 to 8 are exposed to screens for 1-3 hours a dayNotably, 1 in 3 parents expressed concerns about their child’s potential screen addiction. 

Experts believe that while screens are an inevitable part of modern life, the focus should shift to guiding children in utilizing screens interactively. Dr. Michael Rich, Director of the Digital Wellness Lab and Professor at Harvard Medical School, explains that screens are an integral language of today, promoting learning, communication, and connection

Rather than imposing strict restrictions, he advocates for interactive screen time that encourages active engagement.


Selecting safe and valuable screen time

Alarmingly, only half of parents are actively monitoring their children’s screen time. The risks associated with unregulated content consumption are real. Advertisements aimed at young children can influence their critical thinking skills and collect personal data. 

Education expert Fernando Valenzuela warns against exposing children to these potential pitfalls. Dr. Suzanne Barchers, Chair of the Lingokids Education Board, echoes these concerns, emphasizing that inappropriate advertisements can exploit children’s emotions and cognitive vulnerabilities. Screen time has become an integral part of children’s lives, emphasizing the importance of leveraging it effectively.

Experts highlight “active” screen time, a form that fosters cognitive development, critical thinking, and socio-emotional skills. This type of engagement challenges children, prompting curiosity and interaction rather than passive consumption.


Parental influence: Leading by example

Parents play a pivotal role in shaping their children’s screen time habits. A significant portion (64.6%) of parents recognized their own excessive screen time. 

Experts stress the importance of setting positive examples by utilizing screens for active, purposeful engagement. When screens are used, they can be employed for activities such as puzzles, reading, and mindfulness.

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Key Takeaways: Striking the balance

The study’s ultimate conclusion is a reassuring one: screens can indeed benefit children’s development if used wisely and interactively. 

The focus should be on the quality of content and setting appropriate time limits. By employing educational apps and videos that promote learning and curiosity, parents can ensure that screen time adds value to their child’s growth.

“We believe in the power of educational screen time to nurture children’s growth and development,” says Regina Ascencio, an educator and neuropsychologist. “Lingokids is designed to provide quality, safe, and interactive content that promotes healthy screen time experiences for young learners.”

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The Lingokids Screen Time Study, conducted in June 2023 with 1800 parents of children aged 2-8, has unearthed insights that can shape how we navigate screen time in our digital era.

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