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Lingokids in Spanish: Sing (+ Learn) with Our Best Songs!

lingokids in spanish

From practicing the ABCs to washing hands, now your kids can learn along with the Lingokids characters by singing in Spanish!

These special songs can be found on our new YouTube channel, “Lingokids en español – canciones infantiles” (nursery rhymes). We’re uploading new songs and compilations on a weekly basis so that your children’s entertainment and fun can continue… in Spanish!

What Lingokids songs can you find on our Spanish YouTube channel? Let’s check them out!


“ABC Chant” in Spanish

Who hasn’t sung our hit, “ABC Chant”? We know the line “ABCD, in the morning brush your teeth” has been stuck in your head at some point! Well, now you can sing it in Spanish! “¡ABCD! ¡En la mañana, ¡lávate!

“Wash Your Hands Chant” in Spanish

Learn practical life skills… in English and Spanish! This song teaches children about good hygiene and bathroom routines.


“Los pollitos dicen pío” (The Little Chicks) 

“The Little Chicks” song is a classic in Spanish. So, we created the English version on YouTube and the Lingokids App. Now, families can listen to the original version in Spanish!

Join the Lingokids characters in this adventure with chicks, chickens, cows, and sheep. Which is your child’s favorite animal?


A Lingokids hit: “Like This!”

Where? Who? When? How?… LIKE THIS! Discover the favorite dance step of each Lingokids character and dance together as a family. Get ready to show off your best moves! 


“We’re Going to the Dentist”

Going to the dentist has never been so much fun! After its success in English, we also tried this song in Spanish. The song helps children feel less afraid about going to the dentist. It also teaches children the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.


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More about Lingokids

Stay tuned for more exciting content, expert advice, and resources from Lingokids to help you nurture your child’s potential. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Which Lingokids song in Spanish is your child’s favorite?

Let us know in the comments bellow!

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