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Lingokids Nature Month: Explore the Wild World of Playlearning™

Nature Month at Lingokids

Ignite curiosity and discover the wonders of the world during our Lingokids Nature Month event! For a limited time, enjoy hand-picked games, activities, videos, and more—all curated for your curious explorer. 

This month, children can strengthen modern life skills and educational subjects focusing on nature—from rainforests and reading to the sea and science! 

The world is wild and unique… let’s discover it together with a sneak peek of our nature content in the Lingokids app.


Explore Nature Month content for kids

Play these Games!

Sort that Bridge: Forest


Help Cowy cross the forest by building bridges! Put those problem-solving skills to the test, strengthen fine motor kills, and boost innovation! Plus, learn new vocabulary words about the rainforest.


Learn and have fun with cartoons

Baby Bot Knows Seasons


Tune in for an adventure with Baby Bot! In this episode, Baby Bot learns all about the seasons of the year. Children can expand their global awareness by learning about weather, temperature, and natural features around the world.


Dance to our Music

“Recycling Song”


Join the Lingokids characters in their quest to protect the environment. This catchy tune teaches children vocabulary about recycling with words such as: compost bin, paper, glass, and plastic. Let’s lead the next generation in making the world a better place!


Listen to our Podcasts

How to Start Your Own Recycling Business 

In this episode of the Lingokids Growin’ Up podcast, kids can meet a young entrepreneur who started his recycling business when he was 7 years old! Ryan Hickman makes it his business to keep trash out of the ocean and help the planet.

Our host Emily Calandrelli chats with Ryan about how it all started for him and his company Ryan’s Recycling. Ryan shares tips on how kids can start creating impact by launching local initiatives in their communities.


More about Lingokids

The Lingokids universe provides original, award-winning, interactive content for kids, transforming how kids can learn. Lingokids creates games, songs, podcasts, videos, and activities that blend educational subjects with modern life skills to spark curiosity, imagination, and success in school—and beyond!  

Interested in learning more about how Lingokids helps families raise amazing kids? Download the app and check out more content on our YouTube channels!


What’s your child’s favorite Nature Month activity?

Let us know by commenting below!

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