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Lingokids Raises $40M To Continue Helping Kids Around The World Learn Through Play

lingokids series c investment

We’re so excited to announce that Lingokids just raised $40 million USD in funding! 

With 30+ million families now playlearning™ with us, we get to help kids all around the world expand their vocabulary, improve their literacy and STEM skills, and develop important social and emotional skills, all through play! 

Cristóbal Viedma, Lingokids CEO and founder says:

“This is the next important step in our mission of helping parents and caretakers raise amazing kids and break down educational barriers to create equal opportunities for children across the world.”

 “Quality education options that parents can trust are more important than ever, and with these new funds and support from our strategic investors, Lingokids will be able to reach millions more families to help young children learn through the most impactful type of education there is at this age: play.” 

cristobal vieldma ceo and founder of Lingokids
Cristobal Viedma, Lingokids CEO and founder.


Coming Soon: New Educational Content for Kids 

The Series C funding with participation from GP Bullhound and existing investors like HV Capital and Ravensburger, will allow us to develop new engaging content for kids, as well as to hire the best talent around the world, particularly for our engineering and development teams. 

We are committed to creating quality educational content that will focus on STEM-related activities and other important skills that so many kids missed out on during COVID-19 – emotional intelligence, empathy, and critical thinking, among others. 

Our funding will also be used in part to develop new audio content like audiobooks and audio exercises that will focus on topics related to mental health, mindfulness, and meditation. 


What Our Partners in Play Say 

“Safe, digital options for early childhood education is a critical topic for parents worldwide. You can find many regional players in this space, but only Lingokids has established a fast-growing and truly global business model with highly engaging proprietary and safe, ad-free content,” said Jasper Masemann, Partner at HV Capital. “Over the last four years, HV has invested in every round Lingokids has raised. I could not be more excited to continue the journey with Lingokids to help millions more families benefit and scale a global edutainment platform.”

Per Roman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at GP Bullhound, added: “The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of education and we are seeing a huge momentum in the edtech sector. With this new investment, we are proud to support Cristóbal Viedma and the great team at Lingokids on their mission to break down educational barriers and create equal opportunities for children across the globe.”

We also joined forces last year with the internationally-known toy and puzzles company, Ravensburger, with which we will collaborate to develop new offline games and toys to complement our online activities. 


Our Team is Growing 

During the pandemic, more than 65% of households with children said that they used online learning and 68% of parents said that they now rely on early learning apps to complement their children’s education. It is largely due to this that we tripled the number of users playlearning™ with us during the pandemic. 

lingokids team


To keep up with our growth, we plan to hire 60 more people from around the world this year, adding to our current team of around 100. Our most recent additions include Vladimir Klimov as Director of Content Strategy, who is experienced in strategically scaling international companies, such as Deezer, and Tiago Pregueiro as VP of Product, former Product Director at Cabify.


Join Our Team!  

Do you want to help us deliver educational content to millions of families around the world? We’re on the lookout for the best talent to help us reach our goals, no matter where you are in the world. 

Check out all our current job postings to see if there’s an opportunity for you! Or feel free to share a job posting with someone who you think would be interested in joining our team. 


Happy playlearning™!


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