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Lingokids’ Opinions and Reviews

Learning a language, especially a second one, can make a significant difference in a child’s life. It’s a skill that requires lots of work and dedication, but it should also be fun. It’s always better to start studying a new language at an early age, using various activities and methods to have a great learning experience.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to learn English, all of them generate different opinions and impressions from the users, but what’s most important is to find the one method that works the best for your child, better yet if it’s also fun and engaging for young learners.

Lingokids’ main goal is to provide a safe and exciting environment for kids to learn English but also to have fun and to develop a liking for the language, making learning a natural, exciting and immersive experience.

In order to keep improving and providing a great service, parents’ feedback is crucial for any English learning app. Taking this into consideration, here you’ll find testimonials about Lingokids’ work that come directly from parents and that have helped us improve.

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Cristina & Isabella - Lingokids testimonials

“I want Isabella to master English conversation, to learn the Language properly so she can find work and stability in the future since English is fundamental in today’s world.”

Supawadee & Nathamon - Lingokids testimonials

“It is very hard for Thai students to learn English properly. So with Lingokids, I expect Nathamon to understand English. I want her to speak English comfortably, and not be afraid to talk to a foreigner.”

Amina & Belal - Lingokids testimonials

“I think the real investment is not saving money but investing in children and teaching them everything. The English language is the key to dealing with the whole world, and Lingokids is the best app I have ever used. Each part of its songs and games. My son Belal look forward to his lessons with all happiness and excitement. Thank you, Lingokids. Keep moving forward.”

Angelina, Mark & German - Lingokids testimonials

“I want my children to learn English because I want to give them the opportunity to live outside of Russia, to study somewhere else in Europe, and to be able to travel a lot and see the world. It is very difficult to find native English teachers in Russia, and the few that are here usually teach more advanced groups, which is the reason why I think Lingokids is brilliant for me and my kids (…) I’m glad that parent’s opinion is important for you.
Your team is really brilliant and we’re glad to study with you and of course, I will highly recommend you to our friends.”

Pastor & Ivanna - Lingokids testimonials

“To me, knowing English means being open to lots of great opportunities. I love how fresh the program is: the app, the games and all the materials that you offer. I consider this to be a must-have service for my daughter’s bilingual education. I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s topic, Months of the Year.”

Daria & Filip - Lingokids testimonials

“I strongly encourage everybody to use Lingokids. Filip loves it. Younger children, like my 3-year-old next-door neighbor, are not even aware of the fact that they are learning because the whole programme is just fun games for them. I observed how much she has been using English on a daily basis. Filip started Lingokids when he was already 6 and knows this is a learning app but really enjoys it. All the exercises are fun, engaging, interesting, playful. Although he always understood much in English, I can finally hear him actually speak it. He started expressing himself. It’s so great to know learning English gives him so much pleasure. I also appreciate that the programme is created in cooperation with Oxford University Press, as this gives me the idea how professional it is. I would love to see the creators go further and create a similar tool for older children.”

Dibya & Aadi - Lingokids testimonials

“It won’t be fair if I don’t mention my experience and thank you all. It’s been a great journey. Aadi went from not speaking too much English to framing his own sentences. Aadi liked playing games and singing songs.I thank you all who are involved in creating such an amazing platform and bringing education to people like us who are far away from the place(s) where English is a native language. So, overall great experience, we loved it. Thank you again.”

Nimrod & María - Lingokids testimonials

“My granddaughter is getting attached to your app and in just two weeks she is picking up with functional literacy. I told her of the 1 year free offer and she was very grateful. I will dedicate part of my pension to provide data so she is not interrupted. Thank you for this rare offer to a kid in Uganda, rural Africa, where innocent children are unable to access opportunities.”

Ruth - Lingokids testimonials

“She loves it! We would like to thank you!”

María & Javier

“To me, Lingokids is a great option because of its flexibility. In my experience, I live in Madrid, but I have a friend who lives in a small town where there’s no English academy available to take her kids to, and she can’t bring an au pair home, so I told her about Lingokids because it doesn’t matter where you are, you just need an internet connection.”

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Lingokids Awards:

-Mom’s Choice Awards
-National Parenting Publications Awards
-The Lovie Awards
-Best Educational Apps for Toddlers of 2017 by Tutora Ltd

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