Play. Learn. Dance – Our Top Dance Songs for Kids

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September 17 is National Dance Day in the USA, although any day is a perfect excuse for a dance party! Dancing together with your child is a great way to form special memories and bond together as a family. Whether your family is into pop, rock n’ roll, or the classics, your child will appreciate our top dance songs for kids! 

Is there anything better than seeing your kiddo dance around the house? When kids dance and express themselves through music, they can:

  • Improve physical health through a fun form of exercise
  • Increase creativity
  • Strengthen fine motor skills and balance
  • Boost happiness levels 
  • Support mental health

Looking for the best music to dance along to with kids? Look no further! Check out our best songs to sing and boogie to with your kids. 


Lingokids Top Dance Songs & Podcast for Kids 

Freeze Dance Song


This song teaches children about body parts and action verbs! Plus it challenges them to freeze in place like a statue. Your child will love this silly song and the freeze dance game! 


Days of the Week


This song helps children memorize the days of the week with a groovy chant and choreography! 


Do-si-do Numbers


Help your child learn about number recognition while busting out new dance moves! Your child can count with the Lingokids characters as they practice rhyming


Bath Time Boogie


Make bath time a little more groovy with this special tune. Children can learn about hygiene, self-care, and bathroom vocabulary. 


Don’t Stop Baby Bot


This classic teaches kids about actions and helps them strengthen their gross motor skills through movement and choreography. 


ABCs Dance Routine


Learning the ABCs is much more fun when you can dance along! This song teaches children about the alphabet with uppercase and lowercase letters


Lingokids Growin’ Up Podcast


Does your child talk about being a dancer when they grow up? This Lingokids podcast episode dives into the world of a modern-day dancer! Kids will learn about the history of movement, cultural dances around the world, and the life of a ballet dancer. Available anywhere you listen to podcasts: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, etc. 


Dance Around with Lingokids 💙

Interested in more than just dance songs for kids? Check out the interactive dance games on the Lingokids App! Download the app today and check out our YouTube channels. 

What are your child’s favorite songs to dance to? Let us know by tagging us on social media! 

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