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Screen-Free Fun! Lingokids Partners with StoryPhones


Get ready to embark on a journey of imagination and learning like never before. We are thrilled to announce a fantastic new partnership with StoryPhones. Revolutionize your child’s entertainment and education experience with StoryPhones! 


A match made in audio heaven

We all know that finding the balance between screen time and meaningful engagement for our children can be challenging. But fret not, because we’ve teamed up with StoryPhones, the maestros of high-quality audio accessories, to bring you an innovative solution that will have your kids entertained, engaged, and learning in a whole new way!

Say hello to StoryPhones, the revolutionary audio headset specially designed for youngsters. StoryPhones lets your kids dive headfirst into a world of stories, songs, and learning adventures, all without the glare of screens. It’s the ultimate screen-free entertainment solution that combines fun and education in a way that’s safe and engaging.


Safety first with accessory shields 

What sets StoryPhones apart is its unique series of accessory “shields.” These shields are the key to unlocking a world of captivating content. Each shield is packed with delightful stories and toe-tapping tunes, carefully curated to ignite your child’s imagination and spark their love for learning. And the best part? It’s all done in a controlled and secure environment, ensuring that your kiddo enjoys age-appropriate content without any worries.

The Lingokids shields are hand-pick and specially curated by the Lingokids team, ensuring a playful (and educational) experience for kids.



We’re beyond thrilled to unveil not just one, but six Lingokids shields exclusively on the StoryPhones platform throughout 2023! That’s right, we’re taking our mission of making learning fun to a whole new level. 

On August 14th, we’re launching our partnership with StoryPhones, bringing two amazing shields right to your fingertips:

  • Learn to Read with Elliot – Join Elliot as he takes your child on a journey to reading mastery through rhythmic songs that support literacy skills.
  • Learn Math and Science with Billy – Billy is here to guide your learners through the exciting realms of math and science with catchy tunes that make learning an adventure.


Get ready to witness your child’s eyes light up with joy as they put on their StoryPhones and dive into a world of imagination, creativity, and learning. With StoryPhones and our captivating Lingokids shields, you’ll be giving your kids the gift of meaningful screen-free fun that’s both safe and inspiring.


Please Note: The Lingokids Shields will also be available soon on Amazon in the USA.


More about Lingokids

The Lingokids universe provides original, award-winning, interactive content for kids, transforming how kids can learn. Lingokids creates games, songs, podcasts, videos, and activities that blend educational subjects with modern life skills to spark curiosity, imagination, and success in school—and beyond!  

So, are you interested in learning more about how Lingokids helps families raise amazing kids? Download the app and check out more content on our YouTube channels!

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