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Soccer Activities that Teach Academic and Life Skills

fútbol para niños

The most anticipated season for soccer fans has arrived! It’s an opportunity to enjoy time with the family and show children the great cultural diversity that exists in the world.


“Football (soccer) is a universal language, as it connects many countries with the same rules and unites millions of people through their passion for the sport. Being an interest that is passed from generation to generation, it is common for boys and girls to understand football (soccer) from a very young age. For this reason, we see big sporting events as the perfect excuse to take the gaming experience further. Taking advantage of the children’s interest, parents can promote kids’ development of new skills, vocabulary, and knowledge.”

Fernando Valenzuela, expert member of the Lingokids Educational Board (Mexico City, November 2022)


Soccer Games and Activities for Kids

“The Soccer Song” encourages physical activity and teaches kids about the importance of unity on a sports team. 


Playing soccer with children, both the physical sport and the games in the Lingokids app, is an excellent way for them to discover new vocabulary and expand their knowledge through play.

Lingokids promotes academic and socio-emotional skills that will help kids develop in today’s world. The new football-related games and song celebrate this soccer season and teach children new vocabulary words such as “kick,” “score,” “pass,” and “team.” While playing, kids can strengthen their critical thinking skills, spatial awareness, and feel motivated to have more physical activity and empathy.



Our soccer content encourages children to use logic to complete a tangram puzzle, problem-solve through a maze to score a goal, and interact with Baby Bot to strengthen communication skills. 



Does your child dream of being a sports coach or soccer player? Our guest on this episode of the Lingokids Growin’ Up podcast scores for Nashville, SC, and his name is CJ. And if you think it’s not ok to cry when your team loses or wins, CJ is here to say he has done it many times! Join our host Emily Calandrelli as she chats with CJ to learn how to manage these intense emotions and build leg speed!


Soccer, Sports, and Lingokids

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