Spark Creativity with a Poetry Activity for the Whole Family

actividad poética en familia

Writing poems isn’t just for literary experts and romantics—kids can be encouraged to write beautiful and creative poems, too! This ‘Mad Libs’ poetry activity is fun for the whole family.

Plus, the poem you create with your child can become a treasured family heirloom. 


Benefits of writing poetry with children

Poetry is powerful! 

A good poem can:

  • Teach kids about important themes 
  • Push children to think critically
  • Motivate kids to read and build vocabulary
  • Introduce kids to sounds like voice, pitch, and onomatopoeia
  • Spark kids’ creativity! 


“I Am From” poetry activity for the whole family

The “I Am From” poetry activity is a classroom favorite, inspired by a George Ella Lyon poem

The activity encourages kids to write a poem with a ‘Mad Libs’ template. ‘Mad Libs’ are stories or poems with words removed, and the writer fills in the blank spaces with their own words. 

This type of writing helps children build vocabulary and strengthen grammar… plus, it’s really fun! 


poety for kids



1. Print out the “I Am From” poem template by clicking here.


2. Help your child fill in the blank spaces by writing a word or phrase from the prompt.

For example, the first line prompts you to fill in “an everyday item from your home.” Have your child look around the room and write down something they see. It might be: a wooden chair, tall doors, big windows, etc.


3. Once your child has filled in all the blank spaces and is happy with their draft, you can help them write the final version of their poem on the second page of the template. 


4. When your child has finished, hang up their poem for all to see! 


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