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LingoListen: The Ant and The Bird 🐜🐦 Podcast for Kids

Listen along the quick-thinking bird and the brave little ant in an exciting story of friendship!

Lingolisten the ant and the bird podcast for kids

Welcome to #LingoListen! Where we share some of our favorite 5 minutes stories with you. “The Ant and The Bird” is a story about friendship, bravery, and trust! Now get comfy and LingoListen to the story of “The Ant and the Bird”. Your little ones will have a blast while following this short story in English and picturing the scenes.



The Ant and The Bird 🐜🐦 Podcast


Stories Podcast: The Ant and The Bird Transcript

Read along while listening to this amazing 5 minute story:

The Ant Goes Swimming 💦

One day a little tiny ant went down to the river for a drink of water. She was so thirsty, but she couldn’t reach the water. She stretched down down down to sip the water but…Whoops! The little ant fell into the water. And guess what…the ant didn’t know how to swim! She tried to yell for help but her voice was too small. 

Can the Bird Help?🐦

Sitting in a tree along the river was a bird. The bird was not doing much – just singing to himself as usual. Now he heard some splashing in the water and he saw the ant trying to swim. The bird felt sad for the poor ant, but he didn’t know how to help.

“What can I do?” he thought. Hmmm… pick the ant up in his beak? Ouch! No, with his sharp beak he would probably hurt the little ant. How else could the ant get out of the water? Maybe on a boat…but the bird didn’t have a boat. Too bad….

Bird to the Rescue!⛵

The bird thought a little bit harder. He didn’t have a boat, but maybe he could make a boat. He plucked a nice big leaf off of his tree, and flew over the river with the leaf in his beak.

The bird dropped the leaf into the water – he worried to herself “will it float?”. YES! The leaf floated gently near the poor ant. “Climb onto the leaf,” he told the ant. The ant struggled and struggled. Huff, puff! Finally, the little ant climbed onto the floating leaf. She rode that leaf just like a boat over to the beach, where she climbed out and shook herself dry. The ant felt so happy to be alive!

The Hunter🏹

Just then, she heard someone walking on the sand. It was a big man. And the man was carrying a bow and arrow. He was a hunter!

The ant saw that the hunter was pointing his arrow up at a tree. The very tree where that quick-thinking bird sat. Oh no! The ant felt worried for the bird. “What can I do?” the ant thought to herself. Could she take away the hunter’s bow and arrow? Hmm…probably not. Could she shout to the bird? Her voice was very small… but…. her BITE was very strong! The ant ran over to the hunter and BIT him very hard. 

“Ouch!” shouted the hunter. The bird was startled by the sound and flew out of the tree!

Best Friends 💙

The bird looked down and saw that the hunter was frowning and rubbing his ankle. The ant sat nearby smiling up at the bird. “You saved my life!” said the bird. The little ant nodded and said with her tiny voice “and you saved my life!” 

And that is how the bird and the ant became best friends. With their big hearts and quick thinking, they love to work together to help other animals get out of trouble. What do you do when your friends need help?  

Goodbye! Keep an ear out for the next episodes of LingoListen.


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