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Burger Recipe Song

Learn all about how to make a delicious burger with this fun song in English, a signature dish of the American cuisine.

About the Song

Does your little one know how to make a yummy cheeseburger? With the “Burger Recipe Song” your little one will learn all the ingredients involved in the creation of this signature dish of the American cuisine, as he or she practices English vocabulary. Additionally, your little one will have the chance to learn a bit more about food and about how to identify different food groups.

Children love helping in the kitchen. They like to spend time with their parents and feel useful. And it’s not just that, usually children are eager to shop for food in the supermarket, and to learn all about the process of making their favorite meals. With this song for children, your little one will get to be a chef at home! The song explains all the ingredients and steps for preparing a cheeseburger from scratch with Lisa the Cat as the cook.

First, Lisa starts with the most important ingredients: the burger patty and the bun. The burger is usually prepared on the grill, and it can be made of beef, or even from vegetables, beans or mushrooms! The bun is a small bread, usually round, which gets sliced in half, and then all the ingredients go in between the two slices of bun. The next step for making the burger is to add some cheese. This will melt with the heat from the burger and will taste even better. After, it’s time to put the veggies: pickles, tomatoes and onions! These ingredients are cut into slices and put inside the bun. When this is done, the burger is ready to be eaten!

The process is quite simple, right? Once your little one feels like he or she has mastered how to make a burger, you can try making your own at home. This could be a lovely opportunity to reinforce a couple of useful lessons about vocabulary, develop communication skills, learn more about food in English and practice some cooking verbs.

For extra practice, you can start the lesson by doing some grocery shopping. Go to the supermarket with your little one and get all the ingredients that you need to make your burger. There, try explain a bit more about what you’re buying. You can tell your little one that “pickle” is the short name for cucumbers that have been pickled in a mix of brine or vinegar.

Also, you could mention that tomatoes are actually considered fruits since they have seeds. While shopping, try to help your little one sort each item into meats, fruits or vegetables. This way he or she will learn more about food groups and healthy eating.

Go over the names of the items in English while unpacking, and then practice some more while cooking. Try following all the steps, this way you can turn this experience into an opportunity to teach your little one about how to follow instructions. Finally, after you’ve eaten your burgers, try taking a look at the video. Identify the different cooking items you can see in the kitchen, and practice adjectives in English while describing those.

The main idea is to have lots of fun by singing and cooking this delicious food!

“Burger Recipe Song” Lyrics:

The burger and the bun.
The burger and the bun.
Ho-hum so much fun!
The burger and the bun.

Next let’s add the cheese.
Next let’s add the cheese.
Yum-yum, pretty, please!
We would like some cheese!

Then we’ll take some pickles.
Then we’ll take some pickles.
Come on, don’t be fickle!
Let’s put on some pickles.

Let’s add some tomato.
Let’s add some tomato.
Veggies will help us grow!
So we’ll get some tomato!

Get some onion too.
Get some onion too.
One, two, that’ll do.
We’ll take some onion, too.

Now it’s time to eat.
Now it’s time to eat.
This cheeseburger can’t be beat!
Now it’s time to eat! Yum!

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