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Clean Up Song for Children

Cleaning up doesn't need to be boring! Help your little one learn about this important, healthy habit while singing and dancing.

“Clean Up Song” Lyrics:

Clean up! Clean up! It’s time to clean up!

My closet is a mess. I’ll hang up all my clothes.

My shirts go on my shelves. I’ll put my shoes in rows.

Next, I’ll wipe my mirror. I’ll clean my nightstand fast.

My pillows go on my bed. Cleaning is a blast!

Clean up! Clean up! It’s time to clean up!

Clean up! Clean up! It’s all cleaned up!



️ About the Song

Nurturing healthy habits from an early age is quite beneficial for children. This way, they might start seeing tasks as something they want to do for themselves, instead of doing them just because they’re chores. This, of course, also sets the foundation for a better life when they grow up. One of the most important ones is teaching them to have a clean room and a tidy space around them. A good way to start instilling these healthy habits in a child is with fun songs, like the clean up song for children, which will help them learn about cleaning up while having a good time.

Young children learn by watching and practicing. Since they’re little, they will pick up most habits from family members, so providing a tidy, clean environment is step one in this process. To make this more fun, you can also use different tools and techniques to help them learn to be organized without them getting bored. One way is using songs for children.

In this lovely children’s song, your child will be able to follow Billy as he cleans up his bedroom. Billy has a lovely, big room with a window that has a nice view. However, Billy’s bedroom is very messy, so he decided that it’s time to do some cleanup!

First, he starts with the closet and hangs all the clothes that were scattered around the room. He puts his shirts on the shelf, and the rows organized in neat rows. Once he’s done with this task, he decides that it’s time to clean the mirror! So he grabs a rag and wipes it until it’s clean. Now he cleans his nightstand, where he keeps a pretty lamp and an alarm clock. Finally, he makes his bed and puts the pillow in its right place!

As your child sings this song, he or she will start learning that cleaning up can be fun. This is also a great opportunity to pick up some organizational skills to keep their rooms in order once they’re older. As an extra practice, you can watch the video with your child and try to point out different items in Billy’s room for he or she to name. Ask your little one if he can find in the earth globe in the video, it’s right next to Billy’s mirror! What other things can he or she spot on that shelf? Books, of course! By doing this, you will not only learn about healthy habits but also will get to practice lots of fun vocabulary in English.

Encourage your child to sing and dance, and also, try creating your own cleaning up choreography when singing this song while tidying up the bedroom! You can even practice some of the actions described in the lyrics to practice action verbs in English. After all, it’s all about learning while having a good time, and making daily tasks fun can be a great way to turn them into an enjoyable time that your child will be excited about.

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