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The Little Chicks Song 🐣 Music For Toddlers

This song teaches children about rhyme and farm animals with a catchy, familiar tune.


“The Little Chicks” Lyrics

The little chicks say 

cheep, cheep, cheep!  

When they’re chilly. 

When they sleep. 


Mother hen looks all day 

for wheat and corn. 

She gives them food 

and keeps them warm.  


Under her two wings 

they will go to sleep. 

Until tomorrow 

without a peep.


The little calves say 

moo, moo, moo! 

When they’re happy.  

When they chew.


Mother cow looks all day 

for grass and wheat. 

Teaching them to find 

food that’s oh-so sweet. 


When the farmer visits, 

the calves jump and play. 

Then, they fall asleep 

until the next day. 


The little lambs go  

baa, baa, baa! 

As they run around 

jumping in the straw. 


When the lambs get hungry, 

time for them to eat. 

Mother sheep finds a snack. 

A super yummy treat. 


When the lambs get sleepy, 

mother’s like a bed. 

Curled around her soft coat 

they rest their heads. 


About the Song

This song is the English version of a classic children’s nursery rhyme in Spanish. It teaches children about different farm animals and the sounds they make. Sining along can help kids learn pre-literacy skills by practicing new vocabulary words.

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