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I’m a Little Teapot

Children love classic songs! Help your little one learn action verbs in English while making a delicious cup of tea with this fun tune!

About the Song

Songs are one of the best resources for language learning at a young age. They are always fun, entertaining, and their rhythm makes them really easy to remember. This is why songs are such a great way to learn new words in English, and even to practical actions that can be taught through dancing. The song “I’m a Little Teapot” is one of the classics, and it’s perfect for the little ones to learn about actions due to its unique lyrics and the moves associated with them.

For children, learning a new language through children’s songs can also be exciting. They love to dance, to sing, and to be active. With the teapot song, your little one will have lots of fun while practicing English vocabulary, and improving their pronunciation.

In this super simple song for kids your little one will learn the story of a little teapot. In the lyrics, the teapot presents herself as short and stout, and it mentions that it has a handle and also a spout. Then, the teapot mentions what happens in the process of boiling water to make tea. It gets all steamed up as the water boils, and then it shouts! When this happens, it means that the water is ready, and the teapot needs to be tipped over so the water can be poured down.

Throughout the song, as the teapot tells its story, Lisa performs different actions to make the tea that your little one can follow in the video. First, she grabs a red cup and a plate and sets them on the table. Next, she grabs a little tea bag from a green box of tea. It probably is her favorite! Then, Lisa grabs a cutting board and a knife, and carefully cuts a lemon in halves. Now, the most important step: to boil the water! Lisa fills a the teapot with water and sets it on the stove. Lisa then turns on the stove and the water begins to heat up. As the water starts to boil, steam comes out and this is when the teapot starts to shout! Lisa removes it from the stove, pours the hot water into the cup, and then adds the tea bag and the lemon. Yummy!

Once your little one has listened to the song once or twice, ask them to practice singing the lyrics. This way, they will be able to practice pronunciation in English. Then, for further practice, as your child watches the video, you can ask them to describe the actions Lisa is doing. Is she boiling the tea or is she boiling the water? This is an excellent idea to practice actions in English in a more engaging way.

It could also be a great idea to help your little one describe the objects they see in the video. You can ask your child: “What color is the cup?”, or maybe “What shape is the cutting board?”, this way your little one will have a chance to practice even more words in English.

Now, it’s time for your child to start making their own tea with this fun song!

☕“I’m a Little Teapot” Song Lyrics

I’m a little teapot,
short and stout.
Here is my handle,
here is my spout.

When I get all steamed up,
hear me shout.
Just tip me over,
and pour me out!

I’m a special teapot,
yes, it’s true.
Here’s an example
of what I can do.

I can change my handle
to my spout.
Just tip me over,
and pour me out.

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