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Months of the Year

Start learning the months of the year in English with this fun song as you also practice weather vocabulary!

“Months of the Year” Lyrics:

January, February, next comes March.
March through winter time
March! March! March!
April showers bring May flowers.
Summer’s almost here.
June, July, August!
Soon we´re back in school.
September and October,
November, and don’t forget December!

January, February, March, and April,
May, June, July!
August, September, October, November,
And don’t forget December!
These are the months of the year
on the calendar.
Twelve months in all for fun
…and work, and play, and take a holiday…



️ About the Song

This children’s song is a wonderful asset to help the little ones of the house to practice the months of the year in English! But do you know why it’s important that kids learn about time? Learning about the passage of time is not only important to develop organization skills, but it also helps boost children’s math skills, since talking about the months and their specific order can be useful to comprehend sequences in larger groups, an important part of the math program in their early school curriculum.

Additionally, by learning the months, children can start planning ahead of time and will also be able to recount past events. This is a huge step to improve their language and social skills, especially for those that are starting school, since they’ll be able to keep their homework on track and their friends’ birthdays as well!

With this song about the months, your child will learn the months of the year in English, not only by their names but also their correct order. As you watch the video together, you will have the opportunity to check the calendar with Lisa the Cat, Ricky Racoon, and Elliot the Panda.

You can start by explaining what a calendar is. A calendar is a series of pages that show the months, weeks, and days of a year. Sometimes, they even give information as holidays or other important days for people.

Lisa is browsing through her calendar, while Ricky is writing down a reminder for his birthday. In the meantime, Elliot is flipping the pages thinking about how time passes.

Then, it’s time to learn the months of the year! First comes January, a cold month in many places in the world. Next is February’s turn, the month of love and friendship. March comes next, and it’s the end of winter in the northern hemisphere! April is next after March, and it’s supposed to be a rainy month, just like May, which comes next, the perfect weather for flowers to bloom! Then, summer begins and spreads through June, July, and August. In many places, like in America, children are on vacation from school.

September starts and a new year at school also begins, it’s Lisa’s time to study! Next comes October with Halloween celebrations, and November, when fall begins and the leaves change color. Finally, it’s December, time for holidays and cold weather in the USA!

Sing the song several times while watching the video and repeat the months of the year. Also, you can go over the different seasons of the year in English as well, explaining how when months go by, the seasons change. As an additional practice, you can also take advantage of this fun video song for kids and practice weather vocabulary with your little one. Talk about snow during wintertime, and how warm summer can be. Also, you can explain that April is very windy and November can be chilly.

It’s so much fun to learn about time, now let’s start!

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