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Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Numbers Song

Dance, sing and start counting together from 1 to 10 to the beat of our super fun numbers chant!

Numbers Song Lyrics 🔢 🎵

1 2 3 4
Knock knock knocking at the door.

5 6, Who is it?
It´s Cowy and Elliot!

7 8 Do-si-do
Clapping high and clapping low.

9 10 Don´t stop now!
Round and round, I´ll show you how.

About the Song

We all know that numbers play a very important role in our day-to-day lives. From a young age, little ones will start to become aware of quantity and recognize simple equations that will become useful in everyday situations, such as telling the time! As they grow up, they will apply this mathematical thinking to problem-solving and making observations about the world around them! Our Numbers Song is a fun first step on the way to teaching your little ones to count and can help them develop their early maths skills.

Teaching children to count involves more than helping them learn the numbers one to ten. It involves helping children understand the meaning of numbers. Sing along to our Numbers Song as you count the steps that you walk up or the buses that go by! This helps children begin to match one thing at a time with the numbers as they sing them!

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