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Shapes Song

Is it a diamond or a star? Shapes are all around us! Help your little one learn the shapes with this fun song.

“Shapes Song” Lyrics:

Let’s go on a shape search, a shape search, a shape search.
Let’s go on a shape search. What can we find?

I see a circle, a circle, a circle.
I see a circle shape. Do you see it too?

I see a rectangle, a rectangle, a rectangle.
I see a rectangle shape. Do you see it too?

I see a square, a square, a square.
I see a square shape. Do you see it too?

I see an oval, an oval, an oval.
I see an oval shape. Do you see it too?

I see a star, a star, a star.
I see a star shape. Do you see it too?

I see a diamond, a diamond, a diamond.
I see a diamond shape. Do you see it too?

I see a heart, a heart, a heart.
I see a heart shape. Do you see it too?



️ About the Song

Nursery rhymes are awesome for children! Through these, the little ones have the chance to start learning about the world without even noticing. The Shapes Song is one of these, and it’s the perfect way for the little ones to start learning the shapes, just as they notice the world that surrounds them.

What’s So Important About Learning Shapes As A Child?

Shapes are all around us, everything that we know and use has a shape: from letters that form words, to numbers, animals, and objects. Shapes help us identify the myriad of things that compose the world. The sooner a child starts learning about shapes, the best it will be to comprehend more complex concepts in the future.

In this lovely children’s song, your little one will get to accompany Lisa the Cat in a special adventure and to play a game to identify the shapes in her house! As the shape search begins, Lisa sees a circle around the room. Of course, it’s the eye of the cyclops! Then, Lisa spots a rectangle. Where is it? Of course, it’s on the table, it’s the butter! It’s on the shape of a rectangle. Next, Lisa spots a square, which it’s hidden in the frame of the painting in the room! Then, it’s the turn to find an oval. Where is the oval? It’s on the table! The napkins have a few patterns, one of which is an oval pattern.

Now, it’s time to find a star. Where is the star? The star is in the sky, you can see it through the window in the room. Following, Lisa spots a diamond, and it’s right there, on the table cloth. Last, Lisa spots a heart. Where is the heart? It’s right behind her, on the wall!

As you can see, this is not only a great song for kids to practice singing and dancing, but it also can be a fun game that you and your little one can play around the house. Using the different shapes mentioned in the song and its rhythm, you can have some fun on your own! All you need to do is spot the shapes that might be found around your house with the help of your child. Can you see a circle? Maybe look at a cup! Or, can you spot a square? It could be your table, or maybe a picture! The objective, besides practicing the basic shapes in English is to have fun while learning.

Also, with this singing game for children, your little one will have a great opportunity to practice lots of English vocabulary as they go around the house playing. As your little one points to a shape, ask him or her on what’s the name of the object where he or she can see the shape. You can practice parts of a building, and even vocabulary about food and kitchenware.

There are no limits to this! You can even play this game during a road trip while identifying places in the city, or during a walk around your neighborhood. The idea is to keep the game fresh while adding more and more objects to make the shape hunt more exciting each time!

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