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Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

“Walking Walking” Song

Action words are really important for English learners. With this song, your little one will learn some of the most common ones in a fun, natural way!

‍♀️About the Song

Play! Run! Dance! Most children learn these words very easily, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, they love doing these activities! But, do your little ones know which types of words are these? These are action verbs, which are the words responsible to describe different physical or mental actions that a person might do. There are many action verbs, and even though it would be great to learn them all at once, with the “Walking Walking” song your little one will be able to start practicing some of the most common ones in a fun, practical way!

How many action verbs does your little one know? Walking, talking, seeing, singing, eating! And these are just a few, that’s why it’s so important to start introducing this topic to children at an early age, this way learning action verbs won’t be a boring task of memorization. But instead, by using songs for kids, it will become part of their everyday life, which will make acquiring new English vocabulary an easy task. It will also benefit the little ones in the long run. According to recent studies, children as young as 2 years old that use more verbs than their peers, have better grammatical skills in the future, which is a great advantage for their overall learning process.

However, learning new verbs can be overwhelming for kids, particularly for ESL students, since there’s a lot of information to grasp. This is where different educational activities for kids and techniques come in handy. It’s valuable to have various ways to teach children in a natural, engaging environment, for example, by using nursery rhymes.

These children’s songs are great both for the little ones of the house, and for older children, they are exciting, motivating, and fun! Besides, songs are also a great way to get children to interact with the language by putting their motor skills into practice as they dance to the lyrics of the song.

In this super simple song for kids, your little ones will get to go on an adventure with Lisa the Cat, Cowy the Cow, Billy the Dog and Elliot the Panda. First, the little ones will accompany Elliot on a stroll through the park, where they’ll learn about walking, also how to hop, a little bit of running, and then how to stop! Next, it’s Billy’s turn and the little ones will get to learn how to tiptoe, hop and run, and most importantly to stop as well.

Now, Cowy will teach them about a new action: jumping! Then, they’ll get to hop, run and stop just in time for Lisa’s turn. Finally, Lisa gets to teach kids another fun action: dancing! Then the little ones will practice a bit more hopping, running, and stopping!

Apart from being great speaking practice for the little ones, the walking song can be turned into a fun game for kids to play with your children. Ask your little ones to act the song as they listen to it, they can mimic the movements, this way they’ll start to associate the words with the actions, learning the verbs quite effortlessly.

You can also try to make your own verses and add them to the song. For example, after Lisa finishes teaching the little ones about dancing, try some new words like skipping, clapping, hugging, or biting! Most of actions verbs can be mimicked, and by adding new ones you can keep teaching your kids more vocabulary in an entertaining way.

Now, start practicing action verbs in English with your little ones as you dance to this great song.

“Walking, Walking” Song Lyrics

Walking, walking (x2)
Hop, hop, hop (x2)
Running, running, running (x2)
Now we stop (x2)

Tiptoe, tiptoe
Hop, hop, hop
Running, running, running
Now we stop

Jumping, jumping
Hop, hop, hop
Running, running, running
Now we stop

Dancing, dancing
Hop, hop, hop
Running, running, running
Now we stop

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