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Wild Animals Song

Help your little one learn about wild animals singing this song! Let's learn about goats, fireflies and dragonflies, frogs and ponds.

About the Song

There are wild animals everywhere on the planet! Does your little one know where do goats live? And what about the butterflies? All of them are different and equally precious at the same time! Let’s sing along with the little ones to learn wild animals!

Watch the video and take a tour around the world! Let’s visit the mountains first, where the goats live, and then travel all the way to the ocean to watch the boats. Next, let’s take a look at the butterflies and dragonflies that dwell in the forests, and the cute little frogs that live in the ponds. The next stop will be the farm! What animals live there? Ask your little ones about other animals that appear in the video. Can he or she spot the squirrel or the owl?

Singing is a great way to introduce kids to a new language. Music helps children with their language skills as they learn new vocabulary in English in a fun, easy and entertaining way through simple songs. If you want to keep practicing this topic with your little ones, make a wild animals name list and rewatch the video as you discuss with your little ones where these animals could live!

Wild Animals Song Lyrics

I love the mountains,
I love to see the goats,
I love the oceans,
I love to see the boats,
I love the butterflies,
I love the dragonflies,

Boom-Da-Yada, Boom-Da-Yada
Boom-Da-Yada, Boom-Da-Yada…

I love the ponds and,
I love to see the frogs,
I love the farms and,
I love to see the dogs,
I love to see the trees,
I love to see the bees,

Boom-Da-Yada, Boom-Da-Yada
Boom-Da-Yada, Boom-Da-Yada…

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