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English for kids

Barbecue Coloring Pages

Learn more about barbecues! One of the favorite activities of both children and adults, in a fun and creative way!

Learning a new language is more than practicing words, learning grammar, or pronunciation: culture is also an important part of this process. Getting to know the culture of a language makes it easier to remember, and at the same time, helps people to get familiarized with it. This is the main reason why it’s so important to get to know different social aspects involved with the language that’s being learned, like food and customs. For the little ones studying English as a second language or English as a foreign language, and even for the youngest native English speakers, learning about barbecues can be a part of the natural process of language acquisition. With these barbecue coloring pages, children will learn easily about this old American tradition, as they get to paint and write.

Barbecues are lots of fun! For most people, they’re not just about food, but instead, barbecues can be a great opportunity to get together with friends and family or even both! Children in particular enjoy these gatherings a lot. Besides cooking some yummy barbecue foods, it’s common to make the best out of them to play lots of fun outdoor games or sports like cornhole (also called bean bag toss), volleyball, or frisbee. Additionally, barbecues aren’t just important socializing and bonding activities, but they can also be a good time to celebrate important holidays. All of these experiences are crucial for the overall cultural and personal development of the youngest of the family.

Instead of waiting for the next barbecue to happen, your little one can start learning about these exciting gathering right now in a fun way! These coloring activities for children have several items that are closely related to these events. Even though every barbecue is different and there many ways of doing them, there are some food items that are common to all. First, your child will find a cheeseburger, which consists of a patty, cheese, and a bun. Then, there’s a hot dog, another favorite! Then, your little one will get color some beans and a big plate of macaroni, which is a dish that lots of kids! Finally, there are some beef ribs and a pickle!

Ask your little one to color all of these printable coloring pages, and encourage him or her to be as creative as he or she wants! Once this part is done, you can ask your little one to trace dot to dot the names of this different food in English, this way he or she will get to practice writing skills as they learn English vocabulary and pronunciation.

Once your child has finished with the creative part of these printable activities for kids, you can sing together the song for children called “The Burger Song”, which is the perfect music theme for a BBQ afternoon! With this song, your little one will get to learn how to make a burger in the most fun way and, at the same time, he or she can work in their English skills. As your little one sings, he or she will learn words like bun, pickles, and onions. You can practice these words while singing and have fun with their rhymes.

As an extra practice, you can try making up your own songs with your child. Try making one about hot dogs. You can talk about the ingredients, and how to make them. The important part is to make English learning fun!




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