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Dinosaurs Printable Activities

In these dinosaurs printable activities, your little ones will find fun activities to learn more about this topic through coloring, word exercises and more!

Dinosaurs existed over 200 millions of years ago! Then, the earth was very different from today, and dinos were the dominant animals on land. Nowadays, dinosaurs are extinct, but thanks to scientists, the little ones can get to know a lot about these fascinating creatures! So, how much do your little ones know about dinos? It’s a good question to ask! Whether they’re dinosaurs fans or not, it’s a great lesson to study! In these dinosaurs printable activities, your little ones will find fun activities to learn more about this topic.

Children surely enjoy coloring activities, even more so if they’re about dinosaur coloring! This way they get to create their own vision of these animals as they practice their coloring skills and motor skills. However, dinos weren’t the only prehistoric animals! Before them, there were also mammals, birds, and cephalopods, which were like prehistoric snails. The vast diversity that existed during the prehistoric era is of great importance for the little ones. Through this, they can start to understand more about the world, the changes that it has experienced, and even about climate and environment.

In this printable, your little ones will have fun with some dinosaur coloring pages. First, they’ll find a fossil of a cephalopod. Explain to your little ones that this is the preserved imprint or remain of an organism from the prehistoric era. Now, they can practice coloring a footprint, which are marks left on the earth by different prehistoric animals. If you want to further expand the lesson, explain to your little ones that all these fossils and footprints were discovered by scientists called paleontologists, which are the ones in charge of studying and identifying the different fossils found. Once they’d finished coloring this images, the little ones can start practicing their writing skills as they trace the names below the images: fossil and footprint.

Finally, your little ones will get to color three different dinosaurs pictures to color! First, we have a Triceratops, which its characteristic three horns, and short strong legs; then, an Oviraptor, which had a small head, small arms, a short tail and strong and fast legs; and finally, the most known dino: a T-Rex, which had short arms, sharp teeth, a strong tail, and big strong legs.

After your little ones finish coloring these extinct animals pictures, you can also play a game with your little ones by using the dinosaurs images: try to describe the dinos! How many legs do they have? Do they have horns or not? This way you can also practice different description words with them: it has short legs, the dinosaur has a long tail, this dinosaur has horns, and so on!

Once you finish this part, you’ll find a couple of songs that you can sing with your little one! Play the video by clicking on the title, and sing along with your little one. First, you have the children’s song “Have You Ever Seen a Dinosaur”, where your little ones will learn about what do they eat: if they eat grasses and plants, they’re herbivores; if they eat meat and insects, they’re carnivores; and if they eat a bit of everything, then they are omnivores! After this, you can learn more about the physical traits of dinosaurs by singing the “Three Dinosaurs” song, and find out about the size of their tails, noses or feet, as well as taking a glimpse of a dinosaur’s habitat.

Through these exercises and activities, you’ll not only get to have a good quality time with your children, but you’ll also be practicing new English vocabulary that’s going to improve their speech and grammar, both for native speakers and also for children with English as a second language.

Now, start having fun with your little ones with these printable animal coloring pages

Dinosaurs printable activities

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