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Food coloring pages

Food is not only essential for life, but it's also a fun theme to color. Help your little one learn about food with these coloring pages!

Food is not only essential for life since it keeps all people alive and well, but it’s also a very important topic to learn about from a young age. Knowing more about food equals learning about culture, and it also means nurturing healthy eating habits from the start. In this food coloring pages, your child is able to find the names of some of the most common cooking items that can be found around the world. It’s a great opportunity for them to practice some vocabulary, especially for those little ones that are learning English as a second language.

For children, eating is not only a requirement for the body but instead. It also represents a time to be together as a family. Several studies confirm that having good dinner habits around the house is beneficial for children in the future. This is why it’s great for parents to take this important daily routine seriously since it can impact other aspects of their child’s life. For example, by helping your little one learn about the food you will be setting the foundation for bigger things to come. In these worksheets for kids, you’ll find a starting point to help your child start getting acquainted with this important topic, and it will also be quite helpful to reinforce any previous knowledge he or she may have about food items.

First, there are some coloring exercises that your child will surely enjoy! There are six drawings in total for your little one to paint. This is a marvelous way of incorporating a child’s creative imagination to language learning since as he or she paints, you can take advantage of this time to explain a bit more about each one of the items. On the first page, there’s a milk carton and a block of cheese. You can tell your little one that milk comes from cows, and that’s it the perfect companion to a delicious bowl of cereal for breakfast! Cheese, which also comes from cows, it’s perfect to prepare a yummy sandwich, and you can even mention that there are several different types of cheese. Next, there’s yogurt and butter. Both of these are dairy products as well. Yogurt is great accompanied by fruits, while butter is used in a myriad of different dishes. Next, there is a milkshake, which children love! It’s both sweet and refreshing at the same time! Finally, there are some eggs. Eggs come from hens, and they’re a nice addition to a nutritious breakfast.

After your little one finishes painting and decorating all these tasty food products, you can encourage him or her to have a go on the next part of the worksheets: writing! Ask your little one to trace the name of the items in English that appear below the images, this way he or she will get to boost their English vocabulary. You can also try repeating the words in English out loud to practice pronunciation as well. This way, your little one will get to improve several skills at the same time!

As an extra practice, you can cut these images and makes some easy, fun games for your little one. You could ask your child to draw a big refrigerator and play storing the items in it. Or you could also ask your little one about what types of food these items are. Are eggs good for breakfast or dinner? Or maybe both! You can also ask him or her what’s his favorite milkshake flavor, or the favorite cheese. Since all these words are very common, you won’t have a problem practicing at your own home.

Finally, you and your child can invite the whole family to play this fun singing game for kids called “Who took the cookie?”, in which you will have to find out who was the person who grabbed a cookie from a cookie jar. This song is quite fun, and it can also be a game to play in a group Read the lyrics to practice them, and have lots of fun chanting this children’s rhyme as you practice about food in English, and also, how to ask and answer questions in English. Enjoy!

Food coloring drawings

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