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Fruits Coloring Pages

They're tasty and healthy! Learn more about fruits in English while practicing writing and doing some coloring!

Fruits are colorful, tasty, and very nutritious! They are also one of the first topics children study as they learn English as a second language since it’s very likely that most of them find this topic relatable to their day-to-day life. By getting to talk about fruits, and other types of food as well, children can share their preferences with their friends, relatives, and teachers, which is something they really enjoy doing! In these fruits coloring pages, your little one will find several activities related to this subject that are aimed to help him or her learn more about it in a practical manner.

First, your child will be able to go bananas while coloring! Coloring pages are awesome for kids: they can be creative, they can practice their motor skills, and they can let their imagination roam free! In this picture dictionary, your little one has six different fruits to color in detail, all of them very different in both size, shapes, and tastes. There are strawberry and a couple of blueberries. Then, there’s a watermelon and a peach. Finally, there’s a lemon and a pear.

Encourage your little one to color the fruits as thoroughly as he or she wants, and in the meantime, you can take advantage of this activity to also practice another fun subject: colors in English! It might be a good opportunity to ask your child What color is the strawberry?” “Red!” But… is red the only color it has? Of course not! Strawberries also have green leaves and small black seeds. What about the watermelon? It is also red! But only on the inside. You can explain to your little one that the watermelon has different colors like green and white, but just like the strawberry, it also has black seeds inside!

You can even go as further as to practice learning about the size of the different fruits by doing some comparisons, for example, is the pear the same size as the blueberries? No! The blueberries are much small. Another idea would be to compare the texture of the fruits. Peaches are fuzzy, lemons are bumpy, and blueberries are smooth.

After your child finishes adding some color into these worksheets, encourage him or her to keep practicing English by tracing the names of the fruits that appear below the images. Practice saying all the words there, the sounds of the different letters, and also how they are written, this way your little one will get to practice a bit more of the alphabet in English.

Additionally, you can also try these fruit printable activities. These are perfect to learn more words related to fruits in English like grape, banana, apple, orange, and cherry. You will also find useful phrases for them to practice during their daily routine!


Fruit printable worksheets

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