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Printable activities about home chores

Learn more about the importance of household chores through some entertaining activities!

Chores and home routines – these are two of the common activities that every household encounters on a daily basis. But, did you know that your child can benefit from doing tasks like these at home? In these printable activities about home chores, you will find vocabulary related to the topic to make learning fun!


Why are home chores important for children?

  1. Learning about the tasks every household has is the perfect way to introduce new words and actions to the little ones. These are not just a way of broadening their vocabulary but can also help children gain confidence in themselves by feeling responsible, and useful.
  2. Children enjoy having the chance to perform different tasks at home, as shown in a study by Marty Rossmann, professor of the University of Mississippi The research found that children who started doing chores by ages 3 or 4 turned out to be more well-adjusted and had better relationships with family and friends.
  3. One of the other perks of doing chores at a young age is that children will likely learn to be more self-sufficient, a characteristic that helps them have better academic achievements in school and in their future careers.


How can you start introducing household duties to your children?

The first step can be adding some simple tasks to their daily routines and teaching them vocabulary related to household duties. In these activities, your little one will be able to learn words related to this topic in a more visual way through coloring.

The coloring activities in this printable will teach your little one some words related to the laundry room. They’ll have to color some clothing items like a coat, a T-shirt, a dress, and pants. To start with this activity, ask your child to paint the pictures with their favorite colors, this way they can also put their creativity into practice.

Next, your child will find some coloring pictures of bathroom items, like soap, sponge, and toothbrush. Surely, these items are fairly common and your child will probably know their names. However, by tracing the names of the items there’s a chance to improve your child’s writing skills, and it’s also a good exercise to get better at spelling in English.

Once you’ve done some written exercises with your little one, it’s time to mix it up! Successful learning is all about taking advantage of all types of teaching techniques available. One of the most helpful techniques is music as a language learning tool.

Singing songs in English helps children improve their pronunciation in this language and helps them express themselves better. In these activities, you’ll find the song “This is the Way We Wash Our Clothes”, a tune that talks about doing the laundry.

With this song, your child will put the acquired vocabulary into practice, study the pronouns in English, will learn the meaning of words related to the topic, like dirty and clean, and will get to use some action verbs such as wash, hang up, fold and put away.

Practice singing this song several times throughout the week as you work in your daily routine. As an extra activity, watch the video and practice singing along with your child. Learning is not only about memorizing but also about having fun and spending quality family time.

Now, start helping your child’s confidence thrive by learning some new vocabulary in English!

Printable activities about home chores

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