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Farm Animals Printable Activities

Here you'll find printable activities to practice farm animal names and vocabulary with your children!

Animals are lovely creatures! They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They could live in the mountains, the seas, or even the forest. However, one of the most loved are farm animals. These are usually children’s favorite since are the ones they are more likely to see as they grow up. From cows to ducks, gooses, and horses, there are many different types of animals that can live on a farm and that. In these farm animal printable activities, your little ones will get to learn more about these amazing creatures as they practice their English skills.

Even babies and toddlers enjoy learning about animals. Of course, at this young age, babies usually start by learning more simple things such as the sounds of the animals and their names. However, as kids grow up, their thirst for knowledge grows as well. Then, as they come close to going to school, they start learning more in-depth about these lovely farmyard friends. Usually, this means getting to know other animal names, learning more about their habits, like where do they live and what they eat, and also, how to properly take care of them.

There are several options for your little one to start learning about animals in English at home. One of these is through printable activities. Printable activities are a great way for kids to master their writing skills while they’re having fun and learning new and exciting concepts.

In these worksheets about animals, your little one will find a picture dictionary with some farm animal drawings for kids to color. Each one of the drawings in the three printables has the name of the animal below. This way your little one can also practice writing in English, and can even improve their spelling in English by writing the farm animal names.

On the first printable, you’ll also find a list of useful phrases about farm animals in English to practice with your little one. This will boost your little one communication, listening, and speaking skills through practice. These phrases are great to practice in your day-to-day life.

The exercises in the printable are complemented with songs, book recommendations, and other activities related to the topic. You can practice with your little one singing songs about animals such as “Old MacDonald” and also “The Farmer in the Dell”, which are great for the youngest of the family due to their catchy tunes and simplicity.


Farm animals printable 1

Farm animals printable

Farm animals printable 2

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