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Polar Animals Printable Activities

These polar animals printable activities will help you learn more about some of the most unique species that populate the earth: the arctic wildlife!

Wildlife around the world is so varied and different. There are many habitats, each with its own unique characteristics, flora, and fauna. This is the case of the polar animals, which live in the Arctic, one of the coldest regions of the planet. These polar animals’ printable activities will help your little one learn more about some of the species that populate the Arctic, as he or she also learns new vocabulary in English.

Arctic species are used to living in a region with lots of wind, low temperatures, and breathtaking landscapes composed of snow, ice, and cold waters. These features are what have made the animals that live here so unique. In these printable activities in English, your little one will be able to find some of these animals. For starters, encourage your little one to color the pictures, and as he or she does this, you can explain a bit more about each one of these amazing creatures.

First, there’s a musk ox. This big animal is an Arctic mammal with a thick coat, large head with a short neck, and short but stout legs. Their main characteristic is their horns, which are curved and pointy. Then, there’s an aquatic animal, the walrus. Walruses live in the Arctic seas. Their skin is grey and very thick. They’re usually known for their funny whiskers. Next, a reindeer! These lovely animals are known for their big antlers and their cloven hooves. A fun fact about reindeers is that they’re usually good swimmers. The next animal is small, but can fly… it’s an arctic owl! These large, white owls are also known as “snowy owls” thanks to their color. A surprising fact about these animals is that, unlike the rest of the owls, the arctic owls are usually more active during the day. Following, there’s a wolf. This beautiful animal is also known as one of the ancestors of dogs. They have thick fur, perfect for the winter weather! Last, but not least, there’s a moose. These animals are really big, and curiously they feed on shrubs, pine cones, mosses, and twigs! They only eat plants. Their distinctive characteristic is their antlers, which are really big.

Once your little one has finished coloring all the animals, he or she can start the second part of the task: writing! This picture dictionary has the name of all the different animals right below their drawings. Ask your little one to trace the names of these animals in English. Make sure to encourage your child to repeat the words are he or she is tracing them. This will help him or her with English pronunciation, while also working on spelling.

By completing these activities, your little one will learn a few new words in English and, more importantly, he or she will also get to appreciate arctic animals even more. This is important as it sets the foundation needed for nurturing the love for the environment and the animals that populate the different habitats.

Now, it’s time to color!

Polar animals printable

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