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English for kids

Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Toys Printable Activities

Help your little one practice toys names and vocabulary with these fun printable activities and worksheets.

All kids love toys, and even though this is a subject better learned through practice, there are some other great ways to help your little ones learn vocabulary related to it, for example, printable activities about toys.

In this printable, you’ll find coloring worksheets with some of the most popular and timeless toys for kids, such as a doll, bicycle, teddy bear, train, or ball. Your little ones will be able to let their imagination roam free as they color the drawings, but they’ll also have a chance to practice writing by tracing the toys names.

Additionally, you’ll find some English expressions related to toys that’ll be useful to practice with your children in a natural way, maybe as you clean up the room, or during playtime. All these exercises are complemented by additional material like songs, activities, and book recommendations related to the topic.

Find the coloring sheet and exercises for kids by clicking here and let’s have some fun while learning!


Printable activities about toys

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