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English for kids

Food flashcards to color and write

Coloring is a great exercise for learning a second language. Help your little one broaden his or her English vocabulary about food items with this fun flashcards!

Oftentimes, children enjoy having the same type of food over and over again. Usually they feel safe knowing they’re going to eat their favorite dish for lunch. However, it’s always beneficial to try new items so children can grow up used to eating a healthy variety of food. This might a be a bit difficult at the beginning, but there are several tips that might help, for example, learning about new dishes through food flashcards to color and write. While they have a good time painting and being creative, your child will also get to familiarize with food that might be a bit unusual to him or her, which in time will prove helpful when introducing these items to their regular diet.

One extra tip that’s also a very practical way to reinforce healthy food habits is to take your child on a picnic! Picnics are great, since it’s the perfect opportunity to connect and to enjoy nature as a family, which makes them a great time to help your little one try new food. But, how can you prepare your child for your next picnic? These printable activities for children will be an excellent way for your child to learn more about this fun adventure that happens outdoors.

First, it’s good to learn the most important part of a picnic: packing your lunch! These worksheets about food in English will teach your little one about a few items that are perfect to bring to a picnic. Fruits are one of the first options, for example, an orange or a banana. These are both refreshing and filled with vitamins and nutrients to provide all the energy needed to play some games. Also, it would be great to bring a biscuit and a sandwich to complement lunch. You can pack some jelly of your favorite flavor, and a nice fresh salad. Finally, it’s quite important to keep yourself hydrated, so it might be a good idea to pack some juice and water. Last, once you have all your food for the picnic, where do you put it? Of course, on a picnic basket!

Ask your little one to color all of these food items that appear on the coloring sheets, and make sure that he or she can be as creative as they want! Then, once your child is done putting some color in these pages, ask him or her to trace the words below each drawing. These are the names in English of these picnic items. By tracing these words your little one will be able to put into practice lots of different skills, like writing, motor skills, and reading!

While your child is coloring the pictures and tracing the words, it might also be a good idea to practice saying the words aloud as well. This way, you can turn this coloring exercises into something more by adding pronunciation and practicing his or her listening skills.

As extra practice, you can ask your little one what other items he or she would like to bring to the picnic. You can try looking at different types of food in English so your little one can pick his or her favorites and a new item to try, and maybe pick out different fruits that are more according to your personal taste. This is also a great opportunity for your little one to practice the cooking verbs in English while preparing some yummy dishes to share during your day out.

Now, it’s time to let the creativity flow!

Food flashcards to color and write Food flashcards to color and write


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