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English for kids

Free Playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Coloring Pictures for Kids

These helpful coloring pictures for kids will help your little one learn more about colors in English as they put their writing and creativity into practice!

Children grow up so fast! And part of this process involves learning new things every day and experiencing things from a new, improved perspective. As your little one becomes more aware of the surroundings, you might want to keep broadening his or her knowledge, for example by expanding the list of colors he or she knows using these helpful coloring pictures for kids!

When children are learning about colors, their ages, and learning stages should be considered to make the most out of this process. This printable is suited for all children, and it’s especially helpful for toddlers and preschoolers that are building a varied vocabulary in English, both for the little ones that are native English speakers and for those that are learning English as a second language.


What Can You Find In This Printable For Kids?

In these worksheets for children about colors, you’ll find three different pages that your little one can use to practice the three primary colors blue, red and yellow, as well as some additional secondary and tertiary colors, like pink, orange, green, brown and purple, also two of the most known colors: white and black.

On the first page, your little one will find six balloons, each one of these has the name of a color below it. If your little one is old enough to read, you can practice reading the names of the colors in English, and then, ask your child to choose the right color to paint each balloon. Once he or she has painted all the images, it’s time to practice their writing skills! Trace the words, and practice saying each color name to work on the pronunciation and speaking skills.

Now, move on to the second page, where your little one will find six crayons to paint, each one again with their own color assigned. After reading the colors and painting the crayons, trace the words, and practice their pronunciation in English once more. Since the crayons are a bit more complicated to color than the balloons, your little one will be able to also work on his or her motor skills, trying to stay inside the lines. However, this can be a hard task to do, and the important thing is to have fun learning!

The last coloring sheet includes six music notes with six different colors assigned. After your little one finishes painting and tracing the words, you can use these images to make his or her own picture dictionary of colors. You can later use it to further practice this topic.

Once your little one is done with the creative activities on this English worksheet, you can both put everything you’ve learned into practice with the “If You Are Wearing Red” song for kids! Read the lyrics as you sing and dance with your child. Learning colors can be lots of fun!


Coloring pictures for kids


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