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English for kids

Nature Coloring Pages

Learning about the environment is very important and with these fun coloring sheets about nature it is also fun!

What’s your child’s favorite activity to do outdoors? Whether it is camping, swimming, or just running at the park, learning about the environment is an important part of childhood. These nature coloring pages are a great tool to nurture a love for nature and the environment while also practicing English.

From rain to sunshine, nature has many exciting and interesting things to offer. There is camping in a forest and enjoying the peace and quiet of the trees; going to the beach, swimming with the fish and looking at the coral reef; or visiting the desert and playing in the sand.

Apart from the chance to admire all the beautiful scenery that nature provides -and learning about the animals that live in the wild-, connecting with nature has many benefits for the youngest of the house.

The benefits of spending quality time surrounded by nature are many and varied. Children who spend time outside can see improvement in their short-term memory, have better concentration, are less stress-prone, have improved coordination, and better mental health, among many others. These help children grow up healthy both mentally and physically.


Learning To Love and Learn About Nature

It’s not a secret that learning to love and appreciate nature is a lesson that every child should learn. After all, taking care of the environment is taking care of the planet. This is the first step to make a better future for everyone.

But, how can you use the love of nature to learn English? Depending on the weather, or your child’s age or playtime preferences, there are many options to choose from, one being coloring activities for kids!

These are great to use when the weather is cold and it’s not fun to go outside, or simply when your child wants to have a peaceful time at home. Through coloring sheets, children can not only learn and practice English but also can improve their motor and language skills, both necessary for their correct overall development.


lingocamp in the forest


Tips When Doing Coloring Activities for Kids

These coloring sheets about nature are fun and practical. With them, children can learn simple concepts like flowers, petals, plants, leaves, wind, or spring, most of which are well known around the world, and can become a good conversation starter.

To make the learning time more effective, encourage conversation in English by discussing what you’re looking at while coloring a picture.

  1. Ask simple questions in English so your child can answer them. For example, does your little one know what “spring” is? Ask them about it and then explain that’s the season that comes after winter and when all the flowers bloom.
  2. This can also be a great opportunity to talk about question words, or even to discuss and practice pronouns in English naturally.
  3. Then, with these coloring sheets for children, besides getting closer to nature, your child will also improve their writing skills by learning to spell and write the name of some of the natural elements.
  4. Once you’ve finished coloring, and if your little one is old enough to play outside, try talking about the natural elements you can see around you: check out the trees, plants, flowers, rocks, rivers, or creeks and try to describe them with your child.
  5. Mention the colors in English or discuss the shapes that you can distinguish in nature. Ask your little one questions about their favorite plants or what flowers do they like best.


Nature is an important part of life and learning more about it is a must. Even better when it also helps to learn English!



Nature Coloring Pages Printables ️

Leaf - Coloring sheets

Wind - Coloring sheets

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