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4 Tips for Making New Year’s Goals with Kids

metas años nuevo con niños

The countdown for 2023 is on! With the new year comes that exciting energy of making goals and resolutions. But New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for grown-ups! In fact, the start of January is a great time to talk to children about their hopes and dreams for the year ahead. There can be a lot of value in making New Year’s goals with kids.


Resolutions vs. Goals

Many of us know that keeping up with New Year’s resolutions past February is really, really hard. This is because resolutions can often be unrealistic and hard to maintain. After all, 365 days is a very long time!

Instead of making grand resolutions, it might be more practical to plan small, achievable goals that kids (and grown-ups!) can work towards. 


Tips for Making New Years Goals with Kids

1. Celebrate accomplishments from 2022 👏

First things first. A big part of moving forward is celebrating what you have already done! As a family, reflect on the big milestones of 2022. Did your child learn to walk? Ride a bike for the first time? Make a new friend on the playground? 

Write down all the accomplishments you and your child are proud of, and take a moment to celebrate even the tiniest achievements


2. Explain why goals are helpful 💫

Children love to know the reasoning behind all actions. You can explain to your kiddos that setting goals helps make our dreams come true

Try giving examples of how you have set goals for yourself in the past. Maybe you wanted to run a half marathon, and you set a goal of running for 15 minutes every day. Maybe you wanted to buy a car, and you saved a little money every month. They’ll love to hear examples of how their favorite person achieved real-life goals! 


3. Write new goals for the month 📝

To a child, one year may feel like an entire lifetime! Instead of writing goals for all of 2023, narrow goals down to each month. At the begging of each new month, your family can celebrate the goals they accomplished and then make new ones. 

Ask your child what they want to do, learn, see, etc. Help children narrow down goals to ensure that they’re attainable. This way, your child will feel proud when they see how they successfully achieved their dream! 

For younger children, it might be helpful to just focus on four goals that can be easily accomplished each week. 

For example:

  • I will read one book a day with Mom
  • I will help Dad make dinner
  • I will learn how to play soccer
  • I will try to brush my teeth without being told


4. Be an active role model 🌟

Children look up to their caregivers for guidance and support! When they see you actively working on your hopes and dreams, they will most likely be excited to work on theirs too. It’s helpful to talk with your children about your goals throughout the month. 

Remember, it’s okay to struggle with making your goals… in fact, it’s normal! Show your child how you bounce back when you don’t meet a goal and try again with a new solution. This practice will help teach children about resilience, flexibility, and determination


Downloadable New Year’s Goals Worksheet for Kids

nye goals for kids


Click here to print this free worksheet. Kids can fill in their goals for the month and find encouragement from their favorite Lingokids characters! 



  • Click here to print the worksheet.
  • Help your child fill in their monthly goals.
  • Post the worksheet somewhere in your home to refer back to!


New Year’s Goals for Kids and Lingokids

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