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Lingokids Wins the Good Housekeeping 2023 Parenting Awards

good housekeeping award lingokids 2023

We’ve got some super thrilling news to share that we hope will make your day even brighter! 


Lingokids wins big 

Guess what? The Lingokids app just won a prestigious award! It’s been crowned as one of the Top Parenting Products in the Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Parenting Awards. 


The Good Housekeeping Institute

Okay, so you might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?” The Good Housekeeping Institute is like a superhero squad of experts. They’ve got chemists, engineers, fiber scientists, dietitians, and a bunch of other cool folks. 

These experts spent a whopping 6 months testing out hundreds of products. They even got feedback from more than 100 parents who gave these items a whirl.


How did they decide the winners? 

Hold onto your hats because this is cool! The judging team not only did intense testing in their super high-tech labs, but they also looked at things like:

  • How easy products were to use 
  • How comfy products were to navigate
  • How products performed in the real world


To figure out the top-notch products and services for parents and kids, they checked out everything from: 

  • Innovation 
  • Safety 
  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Cost 


It’s all thanks to you! 

We’re not just excited; we’re over the moon! And guess what? It’s all thanks to YOU, our fantastic Lingokids families! Your trust, dedication to your child’s education, and valuable feedback made all of this possible. You’re the real MVPs here! 

So, let’s keep rocking this incredible journey together as we mold the next generation. Thanks for being a part of the Lingokids family. We couldn’t have done it without you! 


More about Lingokids 

The Lingokids universe provides original, award-winning, interactive content for kids, transforming how kids can learn. Lingokids creates games, songs, podcasts, videos, and activities that blend educational subjects with modern life skills to spark curiosity, imagination, and success in school—and beyond!  

So, are you interested in learning more about how Lingokids helps families raise amazing kids? Download the app and check out more content on our YouTube channels!

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