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Screen-Free Playlearning™ Fun with Alexa Kids

Alexa Kids

Want your child to spend more time playing and learning away from all the screens? We’ve got you covered. Lingokids has paired up with Alexa Kids to bring families even more Playlearning fun–away from tablets and cellphones. 


What is Alexa Kids?

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service that gives users a hands-free experience. Users can employ their own voices to perform tasks like listening to music, playing games, checking the news, and more

Alexa Kids is a new feature within Alexa. For kids to use it, it must be activated by a grownup. Alexa Kids features content that is kid-friendly and focused on children. Plus, parents can set a daily usage time, add routines and schedules, and program self-activated “skills” in kids’ profiles. 


The Lingokids “Skill” and Alexa Kids

A “skill” is an app that can be used through the Alexa Kids setting. Now, children can interact with the Lingokids app using just their voices! Families can access and play their favorite Lingokids songs, videos, podcasts, and more without touching their devices. 

This works across all devices where Alexa is available, which includes phones, Echo devices, and Fire TV

As of now, the Lingokids skill on Alexa Kids is available in Spanish (Spain, Mexico, USA), Italian, and French. Access the Lingokids skill in any country in the world by configuring it in one of these languages.

With the Lingokids skill, families can access 240 songs, stories, and podcasts in audio format. This way, kids can enjoy playing and learning in a screen-free environment! 


Benefits of the Lingokids Skill

  • Free on all Alexa devices
  • Safe for kids and approved by educators
  • Academic content that is engaging and fun
  • Learn about life skills such as washing hands, calming down, and being kind to others 
  • Enjoy nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, groovy songs, fascinating podcasts, and more! 


Interested in Learning More?

Click here to find additional information on how to access and use the Lingokids skill with Alexa Kids. Curious about our Playlearning methodology? Download the app

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