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Spark Success with our Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is here, and so is our best deal! 

It’s the season of giving! This Black Friday sale is the perfect opportunity to gift your child the Playlearning adventure. Help your child get excited about learning and prepare for school experiences with 1,200+ fun and educational games, songs, and videos.


Help them get ahead:

  • Save 60% on the yearly plan
  • Save 10% on the monthly plan


👉 Click here to learn more about this special offer!


The gift of an engaging learning app is a great idea for the holidays, birthday presents, or simply a way to add more academic support to your child’s life. 

Playlearning and Lingokids 

Interested in learning more about Lingokids? Download the app and check out the content on our YouTube channels. Let us know how much your child enjoys the app by tagging us on social media

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