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Lost Jester

Travel a magical kingdom while learning about feelings and emotions in English!

“Lost Jester” Lyrics

In the magical kingdom,
where giants roamed.
There was a lost jester,
who couldn’t find home.

He went to the mermaids
to ask them if he
could live in their waters,
but they told him to flee.

He went to the princess
and knelt at her throne.
But she couldn’t help him,
and he left alone.

The jester was tired,
and so very sad.
‘Til he found a fairy
who helped the lost lad.

She flew over the kingdom
and was able to find
the jester’s dear family
So loving and kind.



About the Song

There are two things that young children deeply appreciate: fun music and imaginative stories! The “Lost Jester” song is the best of both worlds. It’s a nice tune that the youngest will find appealing and also has a nice story that older kids will enjoy!

This enchanting nursery rhyme tells the story of a jester who happened to be lost in a magical kingdom, and who was desperately trying to find his way back home.

  • The jester did everything he could to find his way back, including chatting with magical creatures to ask them for help.
  • First, he visited three mermaids who were swimming in a pond and playing the harp. He asked them for shelter, but they said no, so the jester continued his journey.
  • Next, the jester visited the castle where the princess lived. As he approached her, he knelt at her throne and asked for her help. However, the princess was unable to do anything.
  • At this point, the jester didn’t feel so good. He was tired since he was walking around the kingdom, and he was very sad as well. Suddenly, he found a fairy who, luckily, was able to help him!
  • The fairy could fly, so she flew all over the kingdom, passing in front of the castle, flying over dancing elves and mermaids, and passing next to a lovely witch, until she found the jester’s parents, who were also sad because they were away from their son.
  • Just like that, the family was reunited and everyone lived happily ever after!

As you can see, this sweet story is one about not losing hope and learning to ask for help when in need, which is an important lesson for all the little ones.

Also, it could be a great opportunity to practice vocabulary in English by learning about magical creatures that appear in fairy tales.

Check out the video several times and talk about the characters that appear in it. Does your little one like the mermaids? Can you spot the giant sleeping in the forest?

You can even practice numbers in English by asking easy questions such as “How many mermaids were in the pond?”, of course, three mermaids! Or “How many elves were dancing?” There were four! Make sure to give your little one time to think about the answers and respond.

Finally, this song gives you an excellent opportunity to teach your little one about feelings and emotions. You can talk about how the jester is feeling. He is sad because he feels alone since he is lost. Remember to encourage your little one to share how they feel, so they can start understanding their feelings and learning how to manage them.

It’s now time to sing to the tune of this magical children’s song!

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