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My City

Let’s have a walk around the city while practicing vocabulary about town and city places!

About the Song

Is your little one in the mood for a stroll around the city? “My City” song might be a perfect idea then! It’s a great tune to practice new vocabulary while going on a fun adventure around town!

Learning real-life vocabulary comes naturally for every child. However, when learning English as a second language this might not come as easy. That’s why children’s songs in English are so important: they make it easier to acquire new words and to practice the ones already learned.

In this song, your little one will take a walk around town with Cowy as she’s looking for her friends. She has the idea to visit the places they know and run some errands while she’s at it. Like this, the adventure starts!

First, Cowy looks for them in the supermarket. The supermarket is the right place to buy groceries and household products. But after a while, she notices that her friends aren’t there! She continues her search and, this time, she decides to go to the bank. Once in the bank, she looks for some money, since banks are the best places to keep our money save. But, where are her friends? They aren’t in the bank either!

Next, Cowy decides to stop by the post office and mail a letter. The post office is the place that handles all the mail around town. She can’t find her friends in there, so she goes back to the street to keep on looking. It’s a sunny and bright day and she keeps visiting places around town. She goes to the hospital, which is where the doctors and nurses take care of people and next she visits the school, where she and her friends go to learn all about the world! But she can’t still find her friends.

After so much walking under the sun and the stars, Cowy is feeling hungry and tired, so she decides to head back to her house. Surprise! She finds her friends there, they’re having a party! Cowy joins them and, then, family and friends decide to keep pacing around town having a good time!

While singing the song, review all the vocabulary about city places with your child. Work on the pronunciation as you read and sing the lyrics of the song. Once you’ve listened to the song a few time, it’s time to pay close attention to the video!

What other city places and elements can your child name?

In the video, there are a few extra elements and buildings that your child might recognize. As you’re watching it, ask your little one if they can see the bakery and the cakes it has in the display case. Also, ask them to point to the street lamps, the fountain, the white picket fence, and the benches they see! This is a fun exercise to practice some new words.

Additionally, you can also practice giving and asking for directions using the buildings in the video. For this, you can ask questions as “Where is the bank?It’s next to the supermarket! This exercise will also be helpful to practice asking and answering questions in English and the use of prepositions of place.

Have fun with the video and practice your city skills with it!

My City Song Lyrics

I walk around the town
looking for my friends.
I go to the places that we know.

I look in the supermarket
and the bank.
I go inside for some money!

I mail a letter at the post office.
I go outside where it’s sunny.

I walk around the town
looking for my friends.
I go to the places that we know.

I pass the hospital.
I pass the school.
Now I’m getting thirsty and hungry!

I walk to my house, and what do I see?
My friends are having a party!

We walk around the town.
Now we’re all together.
We go to the places that we know.

We meet more friends.
We meet our families.
Everybody comes to the party!

Walkin’ around the town, Walkin’ around the town, Walkin’ around the town…

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