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Getting Dressed

Learning how to get dress is a huge milestone for a child. Help your little one learn more about this important daily routine in a fun way!


Children love to feel independent! A good part of this feeling is achieved by learning how to put on clothes by themselves, which is a huge milestone in a child’s life since it helps them start structuring their personalities, their likes, and dislikes. Parents act as a guide for such tasks, and with tools like the “Getting Dress Song”, you’ll also be able to start encouraging your little one to learn how to get dressed in a playful way.

To guide your child through this important process, the first part of the task is helping them decide which clothes to wear. For younger children like toddlers, it would be best to start small, for example, by giving them only two options to choose from. As they grow up, help your child be independent by allowing him or her to pick the clothing items themselves. So far, so good, but there’s still an important part missing: learning how to get dressed.

With this song for children, you will be able to help your little one learn how to put on the basic clothing items as he or she has fun singing with Bobby. In the song, Bobby is about to get dressed to go out. First, he picks his favorite shirt from a drawer in his closet. It is a red shirt, which happens to be his favorite color!

After he puts the shirt on, he grabs a pair of jeans, fresh and clean from the drawer. He pulls up the jeans and then moves on to the socks. Bobby takes a pair of socks from the closet to keep his feet warm and puts them on. So… what else does he need now? Shoes, of course! Bobby picks a pair of dark shoes with green soles and puts them off his feet, over his socks. These are great to keep him dry and cozy as he walks.

Now, there’s a couple more things left that are really important during winter: the coat and a scarf! First, he grabs his coat and puts it, and to finish, he grabs a nice red scarf and wraps it around his neck. Now Bobby is all ready to go out!

This daily task can be really fun for kids when they get to sing and enjoy while doing it. This children’s song is not only helpful to learn about getting dressed, but it’s also a great opportunity to practice vocabulary related to clothes in English , you can even go one step further and add your own clothing items to the song by creating your own verses to sing with your child. Maybe change jeans for skirts, or shirts for dresses, practice as much as you want using the same, catchy rhythm. Also, you can even practice some action verbs in English that are needed to get dress, like put on or pull up.

To practice even further, watch the video as you sing the song with your little one. By doing this, you’ll make sure they learn the words associated with the clothing items in a more visual way, helping them also to learn how to write these words and their correct pronunciation. The important thing here is to have fun and turn this daily routine into something enjoyable for your little one, better yet if you can use it also as a learning opportunity to keep improving his or her English speaking skills.

Getting Dressed Song Lyrics:

My shirt goes over my head.
My shirt goes over my head.
This is my favorite shirt
Because my shirt is red.

Now I pull up my jeans.
Now I pull up my jeans.
These are my favorite pants
Because my jeans are clean.

My socks go on my feet.
My socks go on my feet.
Socks keep my feet so warm.
These socks are really neat.

One shoe goes over my sock.
One shoe goes over my sock.
My shoes keep my feet so dry.
When I walk down the block.

Next, I get my coat.
Next, I get my coat.
Now I am almost dressed.
A scarf will warm my throat.

I put my scarf on last.
I put my scarf on last.
Now I can go outside.
I really got dressed fast!

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