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Activities to learn bedroom vocabulary

A child's bedroom is part of his or her identity! Help them learn vocabulary related to this special room of the house with this printable activity!

The bedroom is an important part of a child’s identity while growing up. It isn’t only a place to rest and sleep, but with the passing of years, it becomes a place to study, read, play, and also, to let creativity flow. As your child grows up, his or her bedroom will turn into a familiar place filled with meaningful items. This makes it a great environment for children to start learning about the importance of cleaning up their bedrooms, to take care of their belongings, and also, it’s a good idea to start practicing their language skills by doing activities to learn bedroom vocabulary.

To help your little one enrichen his or her vocabulary about bedroom items, this printable is a great idea to start! In these worksheets for kids, your child will find several drawings that’ll help him or her learn some vocabulary in English related to the items that are inside a bedroom. The first drawings are a bed and a pillow, which are indispensable items to have a good night’s sleep. Next, there’s a teddy bear, which surely is one of the best gifts a little child can have! Following, there’s a closet with two doors. You can explain that the closet is the place that holds all the clothes, shoes, and accessories a person has. Also, there are some pajamas, since it’s a good idea to go to bed with some comfortable clothes to sleep. Finally, there’s a nightstand, which is used to hold all the things one might need when lying in bed, like the night lamp to read, your child’s favorite book, or a glass of water.

Now, let’s start coloring! Ask your little one to color the drawings and encourage him or her to repeat aloud the colors that he or she is using to practice this topic as well. As your little one is coloring, you can try to describe the pictures and the items. For example, you can ask: “Does the bed has a bed sheet?”, or maybe “What shape is the pillow?”, this way your child will practice and learn more English vocabulary, and will even get a chance to practice the names of the shapes.

Once you’ve finished the drawings, it’s time to write! Ask your little one to trace the name of the items that appear in the drawings. By doing this, your little one will put the writing skills into practice as he or she learns about spelling in English. Make sure to repeat the words as they are being traced to improve pronunciation and fluency.

After you’ve done this, you can continue having fun, but now you can do it with a song! Play the “Clean Up Song” about cleaning the bedroom. In this, your little one will get to accompany BIlly as he cleans his bedroom. This song is ideal to practice vocabulary and reinforce the words you’ve covered in the printable activity. You can watch the video with your child and try to name all the items you remember in English, check if you can find the books, the boots, and the earth globe in the video!

Now, start having fun while learning with these fun activities for kids!


Activities to Learn Bedroom Vocabulary

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