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English for kids

Printable activities to learn about kitchenware

Cooking is fun! And it can be a perfect opportunity to learn new words in English. Help your little one improve his or her vocabulary with these coloring activities!

Some people say that loves starts with the stomach. This may or may not be the truth, but the fact is that most children enjoy cooking so much! Through cooking, children get to spend quality time with their parents as they learn one of the most ancient skills. However, there’s a learning process involved in learning how to cook, first, the little ones need to get acquainted with the different tools and utensils there are and, of course, their uses. These printable activities to learn about kitchenware will be very helpful for your child as he or she starts perfecting their cooking skills.

The love that children have for the culinary arts also turns out to be helpful for those that are learning English as a second language, since it gives them the opportunity to discover new words and their meaning in a more practical setting. Also, by learning about cooking, the little ones can find out more about nutrition and the importance that eating healthy food has to lead a healthy life.

In this printable, your child will find several useful everyday items that almost every kitchen around the world has. First, there is a teapot with a long handle and a spout, then, there’s a pot which as a lid and two handles to grab it more easily. Then, there’s a cup with a handle, perfect to drink tea or coffee! After you will see a bowl, another great utensil to eat dinner. Next, there’s a spoon and a spatula, which are useful for cooking different dishes. As your child is painting these items, encourage him or her to be as creative as they want, after all, kids love coloring as they let their imagination roam free!

As your little one paints these coloring pictures for kids, and as extra practice, you can explain him or her a bit more about the uses these kitchenware items have. For example, you could mention that a teapot is used to heat up water to make tea, and then you can say that tea is served in a cup, just like the one in the picture! Meanwhile, explain that a bowl is perfect to eat soup or cereal, since it can hold a lot of liquid food. The pot is perfect for making soup and pasta, and the spoon is the ideal utensil to stir the soup as it’s cooking. As for the spatula, this can be of help when making a delicious grilled sandwich for dinner, because it makes easy to flip it while cooking so it can be perfectly grilled on both sides.

By explaining this to your little one, he or she will be able to learn more vocabulary in English related to food and cooking in an entertaining way, also these coloring exercises for kids are great to boost their motor skills as well. After your little one is done coloring, encourage him or her to trace the names of the items that appear below each picture, this will help with their writing skills, and it also would be of great help for the youngest ones to practice the alphabet in English.

Once your child has completely colored the images, it might be time for a little bit of extra fun! In the worksheets for this, there’s also a lovely song to sing with your child, it is called “I’m a Little Teapot”, this is a song about a lovely little teapot that tells its story. Read together the lyrics and sing along to practice some pronunciation in English, then, you can watch the video with your little one and practice a bit more cooking vocabulary by naming the utensils you can find in it.

Now, let’s have some tasty fun while learning about kitchenware!

Kitchenware printable activities

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