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Printable coloring pages about clothes

Coloring pages are one of the children’s most favorite activities, help your little one learn about clothing with this images to color!

Childhood is about fun, games, family, and lots of learning! The learning process mostly comes from family and school, and it can encompass topics as varied as math, language, and science. However, learning about daily tasks and routines is also an essential part of growing up. For children, learning about clothes might not seem as important as other tasks, but in fact, this is important knowledge that will help them be more independent and confident in the future. With these printable coloring pages about clothes, your little one will learn more about clothes in a fun, creative way!

Coloring pages are one of the children’s most favorite activities to do while growing up. Through coloring, they get to express themselves as they improve their motor skills, and also while they learn new words to talk about all the colors and shapes they can identify. Luckily, when talking about clothing, learning through coloring can be really fun! Clothes items tend to come in many different colors, patterns, and tones, so they turn out to be great for children to enhance their creative minds.

In these worksheets for kids, your little one will find several clothing items that are widely used by people. First, there is a long sleeve shirt, with many buttons and two pockets, then there are some trousers, which is a synonym for pants. Then, there are some boots, which are a type of shoe, and a vest, that is a sleeveless garment. Next, your little one will find a lovely wool hat, that comes very handy on those cold winter days; and some pajamas! These are great to go to sleep and feel comfortable and fresh at night. Finally, there is a down jacket, perfect to go to the mountains! And also a tracksuit, that’s great to use when doing sports.

Ask your little one to color these items, and encourage him or her to be as creative as he or she wants! While your child is coloring the images, you can explain a little bit about how and when they’re used. For example, you can mention that down jackets are great for winter but not for summer because they keep the body warm. Also, you can mention that boots are great shoes to use when going climbing, but not as good for running. This way, while painting, your child will also get to learn more about different clothes in English.

Once your little one is done coloring, ask him or her to trace the name of the clothes below the images. By doing this, you’ll make sure your child also practices his or her writing skills while getting the chance to learn more English vocabulary. Make sure to practice the letters and pronunciation of the words as well.

In this printable for kids, you’ll also find a children’s song that you can sing with your little one at home. The song is called “Getting Dressed” and it’s perfect to learn about clothing, as well as to learn about all the process of putting on the different clothing items. Your little one will learn to put on a shirt, and also about jeans, socks, and scarfs. As you can see, this song is a good option to practice vocabulary about clothing in English and also to learn a few action verbs related to this topic. Make sure to practice reading the lyrics of the song with your little one, this will your child also have a chance to improve his or her fluency in this language, and all of while having fun!

Coloring pages to learn about clothing

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