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Musical Instruments Coloring Pages

It's time to color the musical instruments and to learn how to write their names in English!

The benefits of music for children are well-known: it’s good for their memory; improves coordination; boosts their reading, comprehension, and math skills, and it nurtures their creativity and self-expression. Also, it’s a good way to start learning a new language! With these musical instruments coloring pages, your child will practice coloring skills while getting to know some music-related vocabulary in English.

Music is an excellent tool for children that are learning English as a second or foreign language. Even though the best way to learn is to practice, there are certain things about music that can be taught through other types of activities, like the names of the musical instruments in English.

In these coloring sheets for kids, you’ll find some musical instruments for your little one to paint. Ask your child to color the drawing first, they can use the colored image as a reference or make up their own color scheme to give the drawing their personal touch!

Through coloring, just like with music, children get to develop fine motor skills, which play an important role in both their academic and personal life.

Once your child has finished painting, you can encourage him or her to take a look at the word on the lower left part of the sheet. This is the name of the instrument in English and a guide on how to write each letter of it.

Now, ask your little one to trace the name of the word on the lower right side. Make sure to put into practice the recommended letter strokes that make writing easier!

Through this simple activity, your little one will learn the alphabet in English and the name of the instruments as they also learn how to write. Go over each letter carefully and practice spelling the words as well!

Practicing each individual letter and its sound is perfect to study pronunciation in English and to improve fluency while speaking.

Additionally, you can use these exercises as a way to introduce different topics and vocabulary in English to your little one. For example, you can practice the shapes in English by talking about the shapes that can be found in each instrument, like the ovals in maracas, or the circles in the cymbals.

Ask your little one what other shapes can he or she found in the instruments? Can they see the triangles and the diamonds?

As extra practice, check out the sounds of the musical instruments and have a musical day!


Cymbal - Musical Instruments Coloring Pages

Maracas - Musical instruments coloring pages

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