Tips for homeschooling Tips for parents

5 Easy Tips for Homeschooling: Make the Best of it!

Homeschool is back in full swing, and it’s a new experience for parents and children alike! We know that parents are continuing to find fun …

Online educational gifts for kids InspirationTips for parents

This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of Lingokids 💝

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner and if you haven’t already started thinking about what gifts you want …

Lingokids-tribute-to-kids-2020 Inspiration

If we’re thankful for anything this year…

If we’re thankful for anything this year… It’s our kids. As we approach the end of 2020, we’re looking back at all the things we learned …

Politics For Kids Tips for parents

Politics For Kids: How To Talk To Your Child About Politics

Explaining politics to a child can seem daunting. Why is voting important? How does one person make a difference? These questions can be hard to …

Inverstors Round web-04 Inside LingokidsPartners

Series B Funding Round, Closed. Thanks For Keeping us on The Playlearning™ Adventure!

  That’s a wrap — we’re proud to announce that we closed our Series B funding round! It’s led by our new investor (and partner) …

free-online-summer-camp-activities-week-1_1 New FeaturesTips for parents

Cocka-Doodle-Doo: Who’s Ready for Week One of LingoCamp?

We’ve been busy putting up tents, preparing bonfires, and coming up with fun activities, which must mean one thing only – it’s time for LingoCamp …

impact-of-covid-on-education-1 Tips for parents

Impact Of Covid-19 On Education: Parents Are Using Learning Apps To Complement Their Kids’ Traditional Education??

With millions of children around the world learning at home due to COVID-19, online learning has become a very current topic in education in 2020. …

free-online-summer-camp-LingoCamp_1 Games for kidsNew Features

How To Make The Most Out Of Our Online Summer Camp: LINGOCAMP! ⛺☀️

The summer months can seem endless. With longer days, a lack of routine, and the end of wider school community support, everything can seem a …

benefits-of-music-for-kids_1 Tips for parents

Benefits Of Music In Early Childhood For Learning New Languages 🎵

Music is everywhere! In fact, babies start taking in sounds and rhythms at about the same time they do with language itself. Toddlers love to …

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Lingokids’ Social Impact: Thanks To All Our Amazing Partners!

We believe that our partnerships play a huge role in Lingokids’ mission to help families around the world playlearn. By working with organizations that share …


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