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Prepositions: behind – under – among – at – over

Learning the prepositions can be quite a task for young learners! Here you'll find exercises and activities to practice the prepositions behind - under - among - at - over, with the little ones in a fun and natural way.

There are many prepositions of place, all of them really important, so it’s a good idea to learn them separately in order to make the process easier for young learners. In these printable activities, you’ll find content to practice prepositions of place such as:

behind – under – among – at- over


With the help of the Ricky Racoon pictures, your little ones will be able to put their creativity to work as they color the images and learn the meaning of the prepositions. After this, they’ll be able to practice their writing skills by tracing the name of each proposition.

Additionally, you’ll find several useful expressions with prepositions fit to use during your daily routines, like “Your pink pencil is among the crayons.” or “The box of cereal is behind the cookies.”, which are helpful to practice the language in a natural environment.

All these exercises are complemented by book recommendations, songs, and activities related to prepositions that you can also find on the printable activities.

Find the coloring sheet and exercises by clicking here and let’s have some fun while learning!


Prepositions: behind – under – among – at – over

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