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A Year in Review in the Lingokids Universe!

lingokids universe

Wow, a lot happened in the Lingokids Universe throughout 2022! 

From a trip to the moon to buzzing with the bees, we’ve done it all this year. We launched a new podcast for kids, made friends with dinosaurs, practiced yoga, raced to learn new words, and discovered that everyone goes poop. We even welcomed new puppets to the Lingokids Universe! 

We brightened up a kids’ waiting area in a hospital, sparked success for many happy kids and parents, made some cool beats, and danced a lot! Not to mention, we opened up the Lingokids Store, bringing the Playlearning adventure to the physical world.

But getting voted the #1 Kids Learning App in the Kidscreen award was the cherry on top of our Lingokids sundae. 



Our Mission: Help families raise amazing kids. Check out the top parenting articles of 2022!

Throughout the year, we kept our promise to join families in their parenting adventure of raising amazing kids. We’ve talked about games, fun activities, tips, and more! Let’s review the top articles by topic to reflect on all the memories your family has made this year!  

Best of Games and Activities for Kids


Best of Teaching Life Skills


Best of Tips for Parents


Playlearning™ in the Lingokids Universe

Our amazing Lingokids families who enjoy Playlearning™ with Lingokids make us proud of all the achievements we’ve made this year. Thank you, Lingokids families. You inspire and motivate us every single day. We’re delighted to see where 2023 will take us. To Playlearning™ and beyond!

Interested in learning more about Lingokids? Download the app here. What was your family’s favorite Playlearning™ moment this year? Let us know by tagging us on social media

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